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Food as a spectator sport

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Today we had a work lunch. We went to a buffet where we load up raw food in a bowl and choose sauces, and the restaurant "cooks" grill our concoction. I put together a bowl of shrimp, scallops, fresh veggies, and a bit of beef, and instead of rice or tortillas I wrapped my food in lettuce leaves. Yum.

I *think* I was the oldest of our group of about a dozen. (I remember long lost days when I was the youngest at work lunches!) I was stuffed after my single trip to the buffet but there were a couple of young guns who went up for seconds. And then we ordered a couple of desserts to share - monster fudge brownies covered in peanut butter ice-cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate-covered peanut butter candies, hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce, and whipped cream. I had to go online to find the complete description - it's almost 2000 calories! An indulgent treat of very impressive proportions. Well, two young 'uns split one serving, and another nearly finished a second serving himself. The old me would have wanted a taste, but this me wasn't even tempted. Instead, it was kind of fun cheering on these skinny young dudes who are at the stage in their lives when calories don't stick to them.
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