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Day 32 Wow

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wow has it really been 32 days since I took change of my life and started to do healthy things for myself? It is hard to believe. But I am feeling so much better. I don't know if it is really do to the weight loss or if it has to do with how I am seeing myself now. I was getting ready to take my shower this morning and I was looking at my self and I had to laugh at myself because I was like you know what you are a sexy woman. I could not help but laugh at myself. All these years of being down on how I look and for the first time I could look at myself the way I am all the lumps and rolls and say I am a sexy woman. I could not have done that a month ago. I would just jump in the shower and not look at myself in the mirror but today I did and I liked what I saw. I liked that I could smile at myself and I could look past the rolls and lumps and see the real me for the first time. It was nice to see me. I did not see my mother i did not see the fat girl I just saw me. I saw the brightness of my eyes and the smile everyone says they love about me. I saw the stretch marks that come with being over weight and I told them it was okay they would be gone soon. I was just in a happy place. Then I stuck my tongue out at myself for being so silly and took my shower. Yes I know I had to end on that note. But what I am getting at here is I really took a hard long look at myself this morning something I never do. I wanted to see what everyone else saw in me. And for the first time I did. I could see what my hubby see in me and I could see what my friend see in me. And it made me feel good about myself. I hope I can remember this day for a long time. Oh right I can I have wrote it down. LOL. I know I am silly. Well, I know this one is not very long but I have a lot to do today. I have to go shopping with then hubby and our one son. And then I will have to come home and put it all away and put dinner on and then at some point do my bike workout. WOW that sounds like a lot but I can not wait to get it all done. I will hopefully get in some good steps today. I did not do so hot yesterday. I thought I would have more then I did but at last I did not but today is a new day and I can do better then yesterday. Go me. LOL. You all have a lovely day and hugs and love to you all.
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