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Day 234 - No Explosions

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I had my weekly status update with Richard today. He was out yesterday (our normal meeting day), so it was rescheduled for today. We did it in his office.

At Steve's urging, I didn't confront him with anything, including his suggestion that I come up with a list of improvements I should make in order to be more successful in the position. (That list of improvements mostly had to do with him, but that's another matter.) I kept things cordial and professional, and let him drive the meeting. He did not bring up the argument we had last week, so I didn't need to press him on anything.

He gave me a list of tasks to do in this down period (there are no projects going on, although there are a couple that are moving toward the approval process - and my two construction guys are on furlough for a few weeks). Most of the tasks involve marketing and outreach. These are areas I would be good at in an urban setting where we're trying to reach clients who read newspapers and have Internet access. Unfortunately, in this community we need to find ways to reach clients who are not connected to the outside world, people so poor that even a daily newspaper is a luxury that they can't afford. That makes marketing very difficult, short of going door to door. Even renting a booth at the county fair isn't necessarily going to reach the right people.

Did I mention that I have no budget for these marketing activities?

If you have any suggestions for how to get the word out in the community, please feel free to comment below or send me a private message. I'm going to talk to the local radio stations and see if I can get some public service announcements out there. I also need to update the home page of our website to make the Veterans Home Repair Program more of a splash on the front page.

I have the interview at the college on Thursday. I'm trying to keep my brain in a good place so that I can make the best impression. I've never had an issue going on an interview (my theatre background helps me when I'm front of an "audience") and I need to keep believing that this job is meant for me.

For those of you who have already given me some tips, encouragement, and support - THANK YOU!!! The positive energy got me this far - let's take it all the way!

Spark On, Friends!
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  • RHOOK20047
    Glad you took the high road, I really didn't expect anything other than that, and didn't unload on your boss. You are paving your way to heaven by being nice to him. Hopefully, shortly it won't be a problem for you any longer. I think the PSA to the right radio stations might be a good way to go. I was thinking flyers maybe left at places they gather. Or maybe at some social agencies. I am not sure what you are trying to get out there, but those are thoughts that come to mind.
    2043 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Glad you didn't let your "charming boss" get under your skin. emoticon

    If your have a local food bank or cupboard that is always a good place to post any outreach services. Also, churches and other places of worship are usually glad to put notices in their bulletins and will also put them on their bulletin boards.

    I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, hope you have a great interview and the best birthday ever! emoticon
    2049 days ago
    You self-restraint is commendable! I wish you much luck in your upcoming interview!
    2049 days ago
    Glad you got through the working day alright, Steve! All the very best for tomorrow and have a lovely birthday too! Thinking of you....
    2049 days ago

    Going door to door could be a good idea. I bet you could probably get some volunteers to get enlisted to do this for free by handing out fliers? You could also put some fliers on boards, give some out to VA hospitals? (sorry I am not sure what exactly your demographic is) maybe shelters? AA meetings?

    If you can try to fund raise, that might be a good idea too. Out here, the big way to raise awareness it the party idea. They fund raise so they can throw a party. They invite the community for free, to do things like throw water ballons, play bags to get prizes (like company swag), grill hotdogs for free (or like 1 dollar). Most of the staff are volunteers, some from churchs or other organizations and it helps for outreach. The last one we went to had a rented Icy truck, so everyone got a small cone for free and if they wanted to upgrade, it cost. It was delicious and brilliant. Not sure if that would be an option for you.

    The other avenue you maybe could go is raising money to sponser a 5k or 1 mile walk? People love to exercise and they love swag. When I was running, I'd pay anywhere from 25-45 dollars per race. Really though, I think what makes it is the swag. Free t-shirts, metals. Easy way to spread the word.

    Not sure if any of this is feasible, just throwing it out there. Keeping my fingers crossed for easy solutions for you!!
    2049 days ago
    another thought - what other services would the people you are trying to reach use? i.e. - if it's vets, is there a VA office that would let you leave contact info to pass on. Or can you get a contact at the soc security office? Or the office that files for SNAP benefits?

    it can be tough to find a really good & reliable contact at these offices, but when you do...GOLD MINE. We had a great contact at the soc security office here in town. She even helped us with some seminars. We were crushed when she retired. I think it's probably taken at least 3 people to do the job she did.
    2049 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/22/2015 11:33:32 AM
    So much news!!!
    You did well at your status update...I think Steve was right, but I understand your wanting to go in and confront ole Pickle Puss...but better left alone!
    I love there is no budget for outreach of the poorer clients! I was thinking a local free paper...like a "Pennysaver" or weekly area paper!? I know flyers involve paper and printing but maybe post them only in critical hot spots such as Grocery store, unemployment or Job office, or Social Services??? Put tear off strips on the bottom?
    Public Service Announcement are good...are there any programs that have this kind of
    Information on them? Local weekly ones about jobs or community happenings?
    Interview at the college on Thursday (your very special day...good omen)??? Wow! I will be sending thoughts and prayers all through the air!!! Good grief...look at all that's going on! Awesome! My only advice is being comfortable talking to them about why you want to leave so soon on the job you now have so they don't see it as your problem! Is there is a way to put a positive spin on it?!
    Enjoy your dinner with friends tonight...best wishes tomorrow on the interview and as always...
    Love & Hugs!
    2049 days ago
    Wow - tough assignment. Great idea about local radio and doing a PSA. Hopefully, they will be generous and let you do it at no charge.

    Good luck on the interview. You are awesome and an asset. You will be recognized for those qualities at your interview.
    2049 days ago
    I think the radio spots are a great idea. Can't really think of anything else. Was thinking maybe flyers you put on car windshields around the area, but that could lead to trouble if people wad them up and throw them on the ground. Could you put out coffee cans at gas stations and such and hope for a little bit of contributions that way? I am an accountant not a marketing expert, so I am a bit short on ideas.

    I think you did a great job not confronting your boss. It sounds to me like he is a butt, and really just wants to exert his authority. Despise people like that.

    Be positive on the interview. When I got my current job I got coached by a placement service that had no interest in my landing the job other than to build a good relationship for the future. They told me to make a list of questions to ask at the end of the interview. I did this and it actually blew away the interviewers. I got called back for a second interview with the CFO and I did the same thing. He walked into the room and asked if I had any questions for him. I pulled out my sheet of paper with the questions I had for him and fired away. He didn't ask me anything.

    After I got the job they all told me they were very impressed that I actually had lists of questions. The recruiter told me to make a list of about 20 and figure half would be answered in the interview process so I would still have some left to ask at the end. I will forever remember this if I ever have to find a new job.
    2049 days ago
    You did a great job showing your boss you can be professional even if he isn't always. wish I could help on the outreach but the areas you are talking about probably would only respond to door to door. I didn't know about the Veterans Home Repair service. I am going to check in my areas and see if there is anything.

    Keep up the good work--you will reap the rewards sooner or later.
    2049 days ago
    are there any public bulletin boards in your area? Around here, there are bulletin boards in most grocery stores, some restaurants, laundry mats, day care facilities, etc.
    2050 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15118206
    Outreach suggestion - meet people where they're at (both literally and figuratively). I would find resources in your community that serve the same population that you're seeking to reach and ask them if you can leave brochures with them, or even better, ask them if they would allow you to speak at any of their meetings.
    Hopefully, this won't be your problem for much longer......
    2050 days ago
    Well done dealing with your boss. It's best not to stir up a hornet's nest. Good luck on your interview
    2050 days ago
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