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Leaving Yellowstone

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wow, how time flies!

We left Medora, ND and then proceeded to Hardin, Montana for a few nights. We wanted to see Little Big Horn National Historic Park. (Remember, I'm married to a history major.)

After that we moved on to Yellowstone National Park. OH MY GOSH! What an amazing park this is! We drove the Park Loop (ring road) and it was 155 miles. And that didn't even take us to the southernmost end of the Park!

We have been here a week and barely scratched the surface. We've seen bison, elk in abundance, mountain goats, marmots, and even saw a bear as it darted across the road. We have done a fair amount of hiking so we had to spend $50 on Bear Spray. Luckily we didn't need it, so it was a good investment, right? We will do much more hiking in the Pacific Northwest so we felt we had to have it.

We are having a blast and met lots of interesting people. We've encountered tourists from France, Australia, China, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Canada, and England. We've met students who are working for the season who are from Russia, China, Macedonia, Greece, and Romania.

My husband said this was the closest we've been to a foreign country since we were LAST IN a foreign country!!

Tomorrow we are leaving for Great Falls, Montana. We will rest up, shop, get haircuts, do laundry etc. Then it is off to Glacier National Park in Northern Montana.

Tomorrow marks 6 weeks since we closed on our house and moved into our trailer. This is our teeny-tiny Mini-Me trailer, and the view from our campsite into Yellowstone.

I would upload more pictures but this one took 5 minutes, so I'll sign off here.

Take care, Spark Friends!

The Adventure Continues...
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