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Visualize Yourself Where You Wanna Be

Sunday, August 02, 2015

I definitely believe the mind is a very powerful thing. As I mentioned in my last blog, I have been working on changing my thoughts, therefore changing my life. For me, it's necessary because my thoughts have been so negative about myself and my life overall for a long time. I see much more clearly now. I am now aligning myself with what has always been there, love for myself first, then others. We truly cannot love others without loving ourselves. It sounds cliche' but it's very true. I'm digging deep into the 'whys' behind my behaviors, etc. It is not always easy, but so worth it.

I watched a video by a woman named Lisa Nichols (motivational speaker) yesterday on youtube and the title is 'Questions That Will Stir Your Soul' and she talked about how women who are in labor about to have their babies go through the discomfort/pain because they find what's on the other side to be SO worth it. She compared it with dreams in our lives; that there's the part you carry it, then you go through the labor pains, then you birth it, then there's your dream on the other side of it. I'm in the labor part. Lol.

So I have been taking in as much information as I can to make my dreams come true through self love and changing the way I think. I came across this website today which I think has many good tools on it. This is a link to an article on visualization for weight loss. I thought I would share it.


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