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Day 252 - Weekend Warrior

Saturday, August 08, 2015

I found a burst of energy today. I did my strength training workout and realized that it's time to increase the weights on the dumbbells. My shoulder will probably complain about it (it is letting me know that I need to be careful) but my biceps are ready for more resistance. That's when you realize that you're getting stronger, and that's a good thing!

I have to give a shoutout to my friend JJMPLSMN. Jane wrote an amazing blog post today that is so good I wish I had written it (wink). You can read it here:

As I like to say, she has been "Sparked" and there's no turning back now! Once you realize that you have to put in the effort to reach your goals, and then DO IT, suddenly it doesn't seem so hard. Results start to come. Clothes get looser. You get less winded climbing a flight of stairs. There's a bounce to your step that wasn't there before. Your body jiggles less than it used to. There are lots of little things that happen when you take this journey, and when we take the time to notice them, we realize that those are the rewards that tell us we're doing something right!

I am a SparkPoint junkie. I love collecting them, and any day I break 200 is a really good day. That seems to be happening more lately, and I love it. Just before dinner time yesterday, I saw that I was at 49,995 points. Just 5 points to go to break 50,000! What could I do? Go walking for 25 minutes? How about working on cleaning the house? That and a few comments on other people's blog posts, and TA-DA! There's that magic number!

Now that, to me, is a HUGE reward for being on this journey. In less than 9 months on the site, I've collected all those SparkPoints for doing what I needed to do to change my life. And my life HAS changed, all for the better! I have a more positive outlook. I handle stress better. I make better decisions about what I eat. I am my active than ever before.

I CHOSE to be healthy, and I COMMITTED to making it happen.

If you are here to get healthy and feel better about yourself, but feel like you're not making progress, let's talk. I can show you how to make this work, as long as you're committed to working with me.

I've been SPARKED! Have you?
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