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Binge eating undermining my weight loss...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

So, I'm having this tendency to eat within my goal of 1800-2200 calories for 4 or 5 days a week. Then, I'll eat 3000-4000 calories for one or two days a week. Which is pretty much averaging out to leave me hovering around 280lbs. This has been going on for the last hmmm 3 months, I think. Maybe 4 months.

I'm happy I'm not gaining...I feel good that I'm maintaining...but at the same time, of course, I'd like to see the scale dropping again.

In one previous times on spark, if I had a binge day, I wouldn't track it. I wouldn't even want to know how much I ate. But, now I'm tracking the binge days, and I'm like "Whoa." But, I've yet to figure out how to eliminate these binge days. I guess it just takes time.

I've created a spreadsheet starting on July 1st. I've calculated my average daily calories and I'm noticing that my average calories per day is 2500. 2500 is also the number I was given on one of these online calorie calculators, so that seems to be an accurate number to maintain my current weight.

I've read that it's best to drop 500 calories a day. Maybe it means don't drop more than 500 calories a day. I imagine I may be having a hard time with this drop, and that's causing the binges. So, now, I'm thinking maybe I need to eat just slightly under my maintenance calories every day, rather than dropping to 2000 calories. Since my maintenance calories are around 2500, I"m thinking if I eat 2400 calories a day for a while, it'll be easier to resist binge days. I'm just not sure, but I imagine I'll have to try it to find out.

Spark on, sparkers! :)
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    One of the things you must do, is to add exercise to your routine. That adds calories every day, and allows you to have extra calories. I live on about 1200-1400 calories a day, and I am never hungry. I eat a lot of whole grains, fruit and vegetables, along with occasional smoothies.

    I think your calories are too high. You should really try to drop to 2,000, but use every calorie wisely. Make your food. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I always have extra calories at the end of the day. I have protein bars for when I am way under in calories.

    You can do this, and if you eat healthy, you will be full.

    Spark on.
    2124 days ago
    The nice thing about the SparkPeople tracker is that it builds in the amount of calories you need to drop to lose the weight you want in your goal period. No needing to guess or calculate.

    The way I stopped binging is sticking to my "budget" of calories. If it is later in the day and I've already had my max calories, I have to workout to get enough calories to have a snack. When I first started this that was the only way I got myself off the couch and exercising! :D
    2125 days ago
    This is what helped for me. I moved my weigh-ins to Monday to help make sure I stayed "good" on the weekends. I also now don't deprive myself of everything that I love. My last go around with weight loss I found out that I could still have those things I just had to account for them. If I wanted ice cream I would have a mini ice cream sandwich not 4 scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough with caramel, nuts, whip cream and a cherry (but oh snap that sure does sound good), if I wanted pizza I could have 1 slice not the entire pizza. I discover when I cut out all those things I just had too hard of a time staying focused because it felt like there was nothing I could eat. Also I use to give my self a free cheat day. I stopped doing that because of a few reasons. First is I just felt so awful after eating all that bad food I would get sick. Second was that it was expensive. Last after tracking it a few times and I realized how much I was eating it was really killing the other 6 days of being good Usually cheat day was 20k to 25 in calories). I also think about it to myself like this "is this "blank" really worth that extra time in the gym." If the answer is yes then I will eat it but more often than not I usually say no. At least for me it was easier to fit those "bad" things in versus just completely blowing an entire day of nutrition. It also made it a lot harder to start back on the diet the next day. I will end my ramble now and hopefully you this might help you with your journey :)
    2125 days ago
    You are learning and making progress. Blogging truly helps me sort things out, and it sounds like it does for you as well. I just had a discussion with my hub over dinner about realistic visions for changing our lives as we move towards wellness...or stalling and thwarting our best of intentions. It can be a vicious cycle, good thing we learn as we live...and we each get to decide for ourselves. For me, my biggest game changer was increasing my level of activity and fitness minutes...sweat isn't pretty yet it has helped me see a different side of me.
    2125 days ago
  • MISSY455
    There are some great articles here on Spark, and also others on the web, about calories not being equal. Really look at what type of calories you are consuming. Once I did that, it was a HUGE eye opener for me.

    I am not a believer in cutting out entire food groups, except for allergy reasons, but there are certain foods I just can't have in the house. If you are getting too many of your calories from high cal/low density foods like sweets and white flours, you are probably not getting enough proteins and good fat calories to sustain you. That was a leading cause of my snacking. Also look at what foods you tend to binge on....mine was carbs. I had a sugar imbalance and it was causing me to crave sugar, and of course the more you eat, the more your body wants. Vicious little cycle I had going for myself.

    Adding in some daily cardio, and strength training a couple times per week, can help the scale to start going in the right direction again.

    Wishing you success as you figure out what works for you!
    2125 days ago
    I don't have the knowledge to give you the accurate amount of calories YOU should eat. I only know mine from what SparkPeople told me to do. Don't forget to move your sweet body too. Have a lovely night.
    2125 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. Your insights will help me recalibrate what I am doing. I never would have described myself as a binge eater, but I too have been eating within my calorie range for days at a time, and then having a day or two on which I go over my range significantly. Time to get back on track!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2125 days ago
    Throughout my 20's to my 50's...I too engaged in binge eating. I figured what the heck, I have already blown my diet, I'll just start new tomorrow. This impulse eating kept me from reaching my weight goals.

    Then one day, the idea of binge eating stopped completely. It just didn't make any sense anymore to do that. I let go of restrictions. I prefer to eat low carbs., low fat, fruits and vegetables but occasionally (in fact this week, I had two slices of pizza). No guilt afterwards. No impact to my weight. Last week, I celebrated friend's birthday so three of us shared one dessert.

    Try a couple of weeks with no binge eating on the weekends; however, allow yourself a couple of items (normally restricted) on Sat. and Sunday in small portions only so you feel as thought you are rewarding yourself for a job well done during the week. Once you build this habit, the urge to binge may lessen.
    2125 days ago
  • AMIK2K
    I definitely agree that making small changes at a time will make things much easier. Also don't just focus on your eating. If you can add even just 10 min a day of some form of exercise, that can make a big difference too. Good luck!
    2125 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8248021
    Realizing what you are doing is massive, as when I was at my worst and fluctuating between practically starving myself one minute and then bingeing till guilt and sickness set in the next I was oblivious to it for the most part, certainly wouldn't have thought to track or look at any patterns.
    I am a big believer in journaling and can now link certain behaviors to certain triggers.

    My calorie range is less than yours however I do think sticking to the higher end of mine has made it easier to not feel the need to "treat" myself or throw the towel in on the weekends. In return for the extra bit of fuel I just make sure I keep up the movement and try to make good choices because we all know calories are not created equal


    2125 days ago
    Interesting strategy. It's good that you're tracking your binge days. I would have not thought of doing that. Thanks for sharing and good luck.
    2125 days ago
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