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Saturday, August 29, 2015

This week while I was at work i had noticed that I had been tired and kinda worn down ( 2 jobs will contribute, lol) well I noticed my surroundings and the people I work with and it HIT ME!!!!, the life suckers I work with have made me feel bad about who I am( so much to explain there) and then I remembered things I have read in LOA, The Secret and so on so I started telling myself, I am worthy of friends, I am worthy, I deserve respect, I am smart, I am a wonderful person,
I noticed that as I continued to do this I felt better, my posture was better, my work was better, what an amazing difference in how I felt, not as tired , keyed in to what I was doing.
So this is something I intend to keep up, I have allowed so much to bring me down that I plan to rise above it and reclaim my right to be perfectly me!
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