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Saying "I love you" before it's too late

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

I lost a wonderful lady in my life a week ago. My grandmother passed away last Tuesday while my Aunt (her daughter) and I were on our way out to see her. We found out about the second weekend of August that her kidney disease was progressing and so we made plans with the full support of my husband to go out to see her - we were scheduled to spend some time later this month. Then two weeks ago we received word that she had developed congestive heart failure. I worked with Southwest and they were able to assist me with changing my flight plans to last Tuesday. While in route, we received word that she had passed away. It was has been a long and very stressful week. The visit that was suppose to be a happy one turned into a very sad one. I am reminded that you need to take very opportunity you can to tell those who are in your life what they mean to you and that you love them. I know my grandmother knows that I loved her. I will miss her stories but now I must remember to share those stories I remember of her with my children. I am very glad that they did get to know their great-grandmother. It's never to late to try to reconcile with those were are estranged from...communication is a two-way street. Say "I love you" before it's too late.
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