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Day 92 Had a great day yesterday!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

To tell you the truth I was not looking forward to work yesterday because I was going to have to work with a girl I do not like. Which sucks but you know what it was not to bad. I figured out away to make her busy without having to bug the crap out of me. I know it sounds bad but this woman really bugs me. So I had it in my mind to give her something to do that would keep her busy all day long and something she could not screw up and boy did it work great for me. I got all of my work done that I need to get done plus some and she only asked me a few dumb questions. I say dumb because she has been there three months and she still does not know what she is doing. I tried hard to keep my tongue with her but the third time I had to show her the same thing I did kind of get a little cheeky with her. But I am sorry I am not there to baby sit her I am there to work. And if you can not remember something 5 minutes late even with a cheat sheet you have got issues. I have told her I have a learning disability thinking maybe if she had one she would say something and then we could figure out away to help her but nope nothing. I do not mind helping someone who is up front and truthful with me. But lie to me or keep stuff from me that makes it harder for me to help you do your job better then I have no time for you. And it is sad. We have all tried for three months to help her get this down but she makes more work for the rest of us. the only thing I have found that she is good at is mark downs. But I need someone who can do more then mark downs I need some one who can clean and shelf shoes and all that good stuff. I wish I could get that though her head. But the more you talk to her the more she forgets. I hate it I really do. I asked my boss before she went on vacation if I was just being to hard on the woman and she said no that after three months we should be able to turn her lose in the store to do anything without fear of her missing things up and there is no way in the world that we could ever do that with her. We have things we have still not been able to show her because she is just not catching on. It is sad. But like I said other then the three dumb questions yesterday I got a lot more work done then I normally do when working with her. LOL.

Plus I got in over 10,000 steps yesterday I am so proud of myself I am hoping I can do that again today. I am not sure if I will get that many or not but it sure would be cool it I do. LOL. I am working with someone I just love today with will make the day go by fast. I love it when I get to work with people who know what they are doing it makes the day go by really fast. Tomorrow I am working with a girl who it is her last day so I am hoping she will do her work and it will be a great day but we will see. I am so looking forward to everything though because I work today and tomorrow and then it is my vacation time and I get to spend some of it with my hubby.

I have had my breakfast and I have tracked it I have tracker my lunch and am not sure what is for dinner tonight but I will track it when I get home. I have my water ready and lunch is packed I am good to go to my day at work. Now if my tummy would just settle down that would be nice. LOL. I do not know why I am so up tight right now but I have been all week. I wonder if it is because I am trying to hard to get everything done so my boss will see I am going to do a great job when she turns the store over to me. I do not need to worry about it she knows I know how to do the job but I am still over thinking things. LOL. That is my one down fall is I over think everything okay and I care to much about things and people so those are my down falls. LOL.

Well, thank you for letting me vent and rant and just plan get things off my chest and mind. I always feel better after I write. I hope everyone has a great day today. I know I plan on it. Hugs and love to you all.
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