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Feeling very proud of myself!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

For so many reasons I have been truly been feeling proud of myself. I've been working out at the gym every single day for no less than an hour a day and because of that... I've been able to lose 13.6 lbs and continuing. I have a goal of losing 76 lbs. I want to be 130. I'm not sure how long it'll take to achieve it... but, I'm hopeful I'll get there in the new year. Today at work... a co-worker of mine commented on my weight loss. She asked me, have you been losing weight? I smiled so huge! Best feeling ever!

I'm also proud with the fact that I have been soda free for a full week now. That is one thing I never thought I was going to kick the habit of. Thank god I finally have... and I honestly think that by doing so I will be able to drop the lbs a whole lot faster! Yay! I'm not a snacker... I don't care for the cookies and the candies and such... but, I WILL eat them if they are present.

Tomorrow we plan on having a pot luck at work... and I kindly declined joining in... because all that is - is extra weight on me. So, I'm skipping it. My appetite has become less and less as well. Courtesy of the uptake of water. I'm really enjoying myself right now. GO ME!
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