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Something Fabulous is Out There....

Friday, September 11, 2015

Something FABULOUS is out there, taking shape, emerging, peeking, calling your name.

Oh, so true. Yesterday, I had a great trip to the Dentist. Yes, I know, it isn't often that you have a great trip to the Dentist, but I have had four missing teeth for 4 months. I FINALLY got my new teeth yesterday, and aside from getting used to having a mouth full of teeth again, they are FABULOUS. I also have an awesome Dentist.

I got implants, and the procedure is a long one.

The point is, that I sat down in the Dentist office to wait for my turn, and a woman in a walker came and sat next to me. She looked fairly disabled. We started talking, and after a while, she told me she was a former Sparker. I said that I was a current Sparker and had lost a bunch of weight, and left it very vague.

This woman told me that she gave up. She said that she hurt all the time with arthritis, and could not exercise, and couldn't go to the store very often, so she couldn't eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I said, well you could have food delivered. No, it's too expensive, she said. I said, you could swim, as that is great for arthritis. She said that she couldn't find a suit that would fit. I mentioned this one website that has a million suits in all shapes and sizes. She said that they were too expensive. I said, to make you feel better, it is worth the cost. She said, I can't do it.

I though to myself, being overweight and unhealthy is too expensive and too hard on you. She was very nice, and appreciated an ear. When I went into the Dentist, I shook her hand and wished her well.

It made me fairly despondent. What is the designator for us that are succeeding? Is it will? Desire? Fortitude? I don't really know, other than the fact that I am so delighted that I have it, and it makes me feel fabulous. I wished I could have given some to this woman, but she was unwilling to meet me halfway.

I hope you all find your inner fabulous today, and aren't in a Dentist's office a couple years from now, out of shape and saying you were a former Sparker. It makes me too sad.

PLEASE Spark on.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great blog but so heart wrenching to think about. How many more like her are out their. I have to believe you planted the Spark seed that will somehow,grow and she will return here, where she belongs. Good job.
    1992 days ago
  • CRACKERS4554
    The sad truth is there are people on SP who have the same story. Might not be exactly the same, but some find it easier to gain sympathy instead of trying to change.
    1994 days ago
    Maybe you planted a seed and she will at least think about trying to become healthy. You certainly did your part!
    1995 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    I pray that the woman in your blog will find her something fabulous.
    1995 days ago
    That's a sad tale. But oh too usual. I know a few people very similar. How to encourage them? I don't know. I try but I'm far from perfect myself. I think it comes down to belief that we can change things.
    1995 days ago
    For me, the focus is exactly as you said. YES doing some things to facilitate my health are expensive, BUT in the long run I feel better, and am not saddled w/the constant Dr. Bill/hospital bills I had.

    That was so good of you to lend that woman an ear. She obviously needed it. And, who knows, maybe some of what you said will sink in.

    1995 days ago
    What an interesting blog. I read an article today about people living on $2 a day on MSN. It got into the welfare system and how people feel about themselves when they are poor. Reading your blog about this lady sounds a lot like that article. There is so much self esteem can do for you and you are so right. This woman is probably spending a bunch more money managing her health (to stay alive) than she would ever spend on a suit or food delivered.

    This could go on and on you know.............
    1995 days ago
    That is a sad story. It would be interesting to look at her life - what she spends on food, going out to eat, fast food, medical costs, prescriptions, etc. Eating healthy doesn't have to be expensive, and cooking at home saves so much money from eating out - even fast food. I think a lot of it is whether we are optimists, driven, and/or persistent. There are so many people on this site who have overcome great odds or disabilities. She may just not have belonged to the site long enough or dug deep enough to find the help she needed. You, on the other hard, are doing wonderfully. Just know that you can't help her unless she wants help. Sometimes you just have to let it go. emoticon
    1995 days ago
    emoticon Here's a big toothy grin for you!
    1995 days ago
    It is so easy to have a million excuses why we don't want to do the journey, but if you are serious and decide you need better health, it is worth a few sacrifices here and there to do it. I have many health issues and just do what my body can handle, watch for sales at the grocery store, there are always lots, just get it in your head that things will progressively get worse if the lbs keep piling on, the body will stiffen and pain more with out movement! This woman just decided to give up on herself! What a shame!
    1995 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1995 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    I could relate to her so much after reading this because that is how I was before I saw the light! You were there to give guidance, but maybe she will replay your conversation and see the light. Good blog!
    1995 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14402600
    I hope that lady you mentioned will do some thinking about her weight and her health. I think we all do the excuse thing, but giving up isn't going to help us. Good luck to you!!
    1995 days ago
    Thanks. You certainly perked up my morning! emoticon
    1995 days ago
    You were so kind to offer her several suggestions. I have realized, and I think it's because I've been on Spark People, that my health and well being is the very first thing and needs to be cultivated. Last year I had so much trouble with my knees so I finally went to see a physical therapist. I thought I was so bad that they would suggest replacement knees - instead she told me simply that I had to get up and USE them! It took a few weeks of painful sessions but she was absolutely right. Thank you for posting this - a good reminder to keep positive thoughts!
    1995 days ago
    1995 days ago
    Excuses will sabotage our lives if we let them..... maybe your visiting with her will help clear her brain fog.....

    A big difference to me is my Spark friends who cheer me on to making the kinds of decisions that woman needs to be making...

    You did well...
    1995 days ago
    That poor woman showed all the signs of someone who has given up. When you have too many excuses for what you can't do, you'll never get back to what you CAN do. If you lose your WILL, then you WON'T.

    Hey, that should be a MEME!

    Spark on, Jane!
    1995 days ago
    If truth be known she wasn't really ready to sacrifice a bit more cost for eating healthy.
    1995 days ago
  • no profile photo CD14212757
    1995 days ago
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