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What're ya gonna do? Day 6

Monday, September 21, 2015

These are the kind of days I need. They are helpful to see if I can keep on track even if things don't go to plan. Like working a 10 hour shift...what does a GOOD girl do after? Why she does a 40 minute Cardio Kickboxing workout!! I think the trick was to have a plan in mind before I even went in. I was "looking forward to it" so that still made it something I SHOULD do in spite of being exhausted. YAY!

Then, too wiped out to cook meant TAKE OUT...Chinese was a bit on the dangerous side too. Particularly since steamed white rice is in my top five favorite foods. Have been eating Brown or Mixed grain lately and thought I could have some, due to the workout AND nearly 27,000 steps. Kept the portions small so ended up okay.

Hooray for sweating and chugging lots of water so there wasn't as much room for food!
Weird Day. Weird Journal Entry. Again, what're ya gonna do? :) TRY HARD TOMORROW!
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