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Lord, help me please in Jesus Name I ask

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Day 41
Walked 2.34 Miles / 3.77 Kilometers the pedometer says 1.15 mile, 2, 439 steps
54 minutes 299 calories burned

I went to my primary care doctor this afternoon. My blood glucose is high again and my A1C was up.

I am suffering from yeast from too much glucose and I am to go back to see her in two weeks with a printout of what I have been eating. If my glucose readings are not coming down, I will start insulin.

I have become super-sensitive to carbohydrates in potatoes, rice and pasta. I saved an online site to my favorites and have been listening to the doctor there. She said we don't need carbohydrates, that we will get them from fruits and vegetables. She recommends eating what would come from your garden or from fruit or nut trees. No pesticides, no added ingredients.

Since my husband has retired, there are all sorts of sweets, snacks and boxed, convenience foods. I have been able to avoid all but potato chips. When our daughter visited, her husband came to the door with four dozen Krumpe's doughnuts. There were 6 of us here at the time and we each ate one. My son bought Chinese food for them the last night they were here and I had a high glucose reading from the rice.

I don't want to take insulin shots, but I will have to work a lot harder on getting in the daily exercise to counter the carbs that I do eat.

My weight was 239 and I didn't have her write down the blood pressure or pulse.
Somehow writing a blog about my problems, makes me feel accountable until I go back. I really need someone on my side during the times when I am home with all of this junk food in the house. About the only thing here right now that is not bad for me is bananas and pre-packaged salad. Bananas are high in sugar though.

Hubby likes bacon and sausage and he could eat that daily. We do have other meat, but a lot of pork chops, pork roasts. You would think we raised hogs.

He doesn't care for chicken, but I have some boneless, skinless chicken breasts. He will eat KFC though. Anyway, I am not going to make this about what he eats as opposed to what I need to eat.

This yeast infection is in my urethra and it has really set me back. Prayers requested please. I don't like being graphic, but when I urinate, I do a silent scream. I had intertrigo and I can't seem to get rid of it permanently.
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    I will be praying for you. Your hubby needs to get on board with you if he wants you around longer.
    1753 days ago
    Thank you, CECIWALL84. Prayer is needed.
    1753 days ago
    Thank you again ELYSIAN_DREAMS for looking up that information. I wrote another blog on my plan of action.

    1753 days ago
    I gained my weight when my husband and I married. He had no will power and either. Now that he has passed, I am eating more wisely but I really miss him. Hopefully your husband will learn to support your needs.
    1754 days ago
    Wow, people had all kinds of advice for you. I sometimes cook for my kid and don't eat his food. I make my own food. I try to do it ahead of time so I don't get tempted by his food. I'll open up the fridge and see those hot pockets or some of his junk and it just sounds so easy. If I can grab something that's good for me then I find I don't eat his stuff at all. emoticon
    1754 days ago
    Protein in Urine: "proteinuria"

    Bad news:
    The basic gist of what I read was that it was a sign that kidneys are being affected.
    "High blood pressure and diabetes are common contributors to proteinuria."

    Good news:
    Treatments included: medication, changes in diet, and "lifestyle changes" like
    exercising, losing weight and quit smoking.

    The links I gathered some quick info for you are listed below.
    It's my unprofessional opinion that once you get control of your blood sugar (and BP, if applicable), whether that's through diet and exercise or meds, you'll be on the right track of taking care of the protein-in-urine issue.

    I'm so proud of you for getting your walk on! (And if for some reason you didn't get to keep your walk plan tonight, that's ok. Get it tomorrow.) A mile is a good starting distance. A great one, actually.
    Others may disagree, but I think you should make exercise goal #1. Co-main goal is not eating super-bad food. (Donuts, chips, fast food, cake, etc.) Eating healthy is the hardest, and is different for everyone. It's all those quazi-healthy foods that confuse us. Just try to go with unprocessed foods, when possible. The closer to the earth you can eat, the better. And no matter what, don't starve yourself. (a) you won't have enough energy to exercise and b) you risk going for non-healthy food later.)
    Food suggestions?
    Consider making chili: kidney beans and meat (and a few veggies -- you won't even taste 'em. We add tomatoes, corn, chilies, etc..)
    Maybe breakfast is eggs with tomato. (Add whole wheat toast and lettuce, and you have a hearty ELT. (I won't begrudge you the cheese and Miracle Whip, if you need it.) (Oh, I also like egg with salsa.)
    I think I already mentioned the steamed broccoli and chicken.
    When I get in a mood for chips, I eat raw mushroom slices with a guacamole dip. (My preferred dip.) I don't get the carbs/calories of chips, but it's still a dip medium.
    Baby carrots and hummus (another dip, from beans), is also a great snack.
    None of these meals may appeal to you.
    (I might also consider removing artificial sweetener for the 2 weeks, too, but that may be more of a personal opinion than an educated one.)
    I just want to get you thinking about *ideas* of how to incorporate food into your life. Good food, that you can enjoy for longer than 2 weeks.

    Most of all, congratulate yourself for trying! I can tell you're a fighter, because you're making an attempt to improve, and I hope you're as proud of yourself as I am of you!



    1754 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/23/2015 2:26:43 AM
    *hugs* Of course, you're in my thoughts & prayers daily. Gotta clean up your food: No processed garbage, go as organic as possible~ especially for the "dirty dozen." When you grocery shop, stick to the outer aisles and avoid the inner as there's where a majority of the garbage is located. Learning about GMOs will blow your mind, too. Take it one day at a time~ emoticon emoticon BB~
    1755 days ago
    There are some great resources out there. If you are on facebook, I highly recommend a group called "Reversing Diabetes". People there are reversing their type 2 diabetes with diet alone.

    It does work, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in June of 2014 with an A1C of 10. Now my A1C is under 5, and it's diet without medications.

    If you like to read, I recommend "Wheat Belly" by Dr. William Davis. That plan is amazing for reversing type 2 diabetes. There is also a page for that on Facebook, it's "Wheat Belly"

    Those are 2 great places to start.

    Don't get discouraged! You can totally do this with diet, it's not too hard. Eliminate all processed foods and drinks (diet and regular sodas, juices, stuff like that), eliminate all grains, and eat healthy meats, vegetables and saturated fats.

    If you ever want to ask me questions, please don't hesitate :)
    1755 days ago
    Thank you, ELYSIAN_DREAMS for your comments. All the other things in my blood work were normal. I had a urinalysis done and there is protein in my urine, which is not good. I will have to read up on that online. I just had lunch of one leaf of iceberg lettuce (to use as a wrap), a slice of Smithfield ham, a thick slice of tomato and a tablespoon of Miracle Whip with a bottle of Snapple diet peach tea to drink. My husband and I are going to walk for a mile, then I will drink water the rest of the day. I had a cup of coffee with a tablespoon of coffee-mate ant two packets of Truvia for breakfast.

    1755 days ago
    It is a battle. I love carbs, both the 'good' and the 'bad'. I try to stay away from bread, white rice and potatoes. No chips and sweets. My sweets come from fruit and yogurt. I usually try to walk 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes. Haven't been able to walk as much as I like back was out but better today. The sugar wherever it comes from is the major cause of yeast infections and most diabetics deal with it all their life. Drink plenty, and back away from all sugars. Read labels it is amazing how many "good healthy" foods have hidden sugars. Try to cut out the things you know unhealthy for two weeks. Good luck. emoticon emoticon
    1755 days ago
    First of all, hugs and prayers.

    Secondly, I definitely recommend all the suggestions ELYSIA made. You really need to ditch the "whites" -- white flour, white bread, white rice, white potato, processed foods. You body just is not processing them.

    DO eat: whole foods (fruits, veggies -- in moderation.) Try brown rice, sweet potato. I also do use beans (in moderation).

    You can do it a step-at-a-time, but do it for your health!
    1755 days ago
    Normally, I recommend adjusting diet before setting up a workout plan, but in your case, I think the opposite would be best.
    Remember, this is your life. The Dr. gave you 2 weeks to show improvements. You can do anything for two weeks. Just try your best, and if it doesn't move your numbers in the right direction, then you know medication is the right choice for you right now. However, if changes you make over the next two weeks DO show improvements, then you may be able to get along with diet and exercise as your medicine.
    I have no idea what your health status is right now, as far as movement and pain. Try walking for an hour/day. If you're not used to walking don't try to do it all at once. Break it up into 6 sets of 10 minutes of walking in place or 12 sets of 5 minutes throughout the day. (Or start smaller still, but exercise will really help you in this.) You don't have to go anywhere -- you can walk in place in your home. (And if you want to try 15 min/day with 3 sets of 5 minutes and work your way up slowly adding 5 minutes here and there, that's fine too.)
    Next, food. It sounds to me like, for the next 2 weeks, you shouldn't plan on eating much with your family. It doesn't sound like healthy eating habits are the par, so you may have to do your own thing. Steam vegetables. Eat your steamed chicken with steamed broccoli instead of rice. Make small changes. Just try to avoid stuff you know is bad for you -- donuts, fried anything, and carbo-loading with rice/potatoes/biscuits/ whatever. Definitely choose the banana over obvious unhealthy food. If getting "healthy" food in the house means making a trip to buy 2 weeks worth of healthy food, don't hesitate. (Oh, and if you drink -- no alcohol for 2 weeks, or until you take the test again.)
    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates
    If you're at a complete stand-still for what to eat, then just concentrate on exercise. You can usually get handweights (or other exercise equipment/DVDs) for cheap on craigslist.com -- so that's worth looking into, if you're interested.
    Don't forget your local library -- they should have cookbooks about diabetic or vegetarian/vegan recipes. And of course, Spark here has a recipe section that's pretty good as well.
    Best wishes! You can do it! I have faith in you.
    Just remember, as my mother used to say, "God will not do for us, what we must do for ourselves." I think taking care of our body probably qualifies. .
    And if all else fails, and you end up on insulin, you'll still be ok. Plenty of people still live happy lives taking insulin. It doesn't make you a failure. Our bodies are a little strange, and they don't exactly come with an owners manual. Just do your best, and let your faith handle the rest, ok?

    1755 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/22/2015 3:34:45 PM
    You might want to listen to Dr.Don Colbert on u tube about reversing diabetes
    1755 days ago
  • CEEMEE11
    when I eat bad carbs I do not loose weight. Always eat good carbs
    1755 days ago
  • no profile photo CECIWALL84
    Praying for you and your health.
    1755 days ago
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