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Friday, September 25, 2015

Tonight I am home alone with my 9 month old baby. Her dad, my husband, is in hospital. Last week, after pressure from me, he signed up with a trainer. He is a friend’s husband, well known, very well respected and last Tuesday J had his first session with him. J came back to the flat after 40 minutes, looking a completely exhausted and said it had been the most impossible work out of his life. He lay flat on the shower floor practically crying. The next day, unsurprisingly he ached however it was yesterday, two days after the workout, that the real pain started.
Now my husband does not have a great pain tolerance and I was perhaps not the most sympathetic - after all, we all love the satisfaction of aching muscles after a workout right? Then in the evening, when my patience really was thinning, he asked me to look at his urine - It had turned as dark as cola. I sent him straight to hospital and had he not gone I suspect we would be looking at complete kidney failure and a lifetime of dialysis. Or worse. Did I mention we have a 9 month old daughter?
Now I have to confess, since that first 30 second google check to reassure me that he should go to hospital I have not looked at the internet, so I cannot tell you what this condition is called - I can’t face reading about what may/maynot happen and I have promised him I will stay off google while he is at hospital. But feel free to look it up for yourselves, I encourage it. The basics, from what the doctors said, is that the workout was so tough it killed muscle. Not damaged it, but killed it. And a lot of it. A now all the waste toxic products are forcing his kidneys into overdrive. If they can’t manage - well that’s when the really bad stuff starts.
I cannot contemplate what the outcome could have, or could possibly still be. My husband is immobile in a hospital bed because I thought a trainer would help trim down on his middle aged spread. I am terrified I will go to bed married and wake up… I’m not even going to write it.

I don’t know what I expect you to do with this information, certainly not stop exercising - I am desperate to get back to the gym when he’s able to come home and strong enough to look after the baby again. Perhaps just take the time to tell your partners that you love them just the way they are, perhaps it might make you check out some niggling pain you’ve been avoiding or get your spouse to the Drs if you’re worried about them.
Please take care of yourselves.
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