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Friday, September 25, 2015

Day 44
Elliptical Trainer 10 minutes 100 calories burned Done in intervals of 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 3 minutes

My husband walked around the block without me tonight. I was thinking I might need to stay close to home, but I was fine.

I went down to the basement and tried to set my elliptical; the batteries were dead and I don't have enough AA size to get it going again. I came back upstairs and got my timer that I use for Flylady cleaning sessions.

I am not used to the elliptical and had to stop to rest at the intervals I posted above. I did not go fast, but I was perspiring after two minutes. This machine has a lot of pull to it. I don't know what my niece had it set to, but I never tried to change it.

I got off the elliptical and wanted to walk a little to cool down. I saw something on the dark blue carpeting and thought it looked like coffee grounds. I walked over toward a wall and back again and my step felt mushy. I looked down and the sole of my shoe had come apart. The shoes were some I bought at Rockport years ago when I couldn't find any that would fit my feet. They were slip on shoes and made my feet look huge. I vacuumed the rubber up and then came upstairs.

Hubby told me today that after we get rid of the junk food in our house, he is thinking about starting the low carb high fat diet. He said he gained four pounds since July 31 when he retired. It doesn't take long to creep up on you. I didn't push it, but we will see.

My blood glucose this morning was 211. I am going to take the Trulicity shot because I forgot to call the doctor.

I thought I would list what I take and how many pills. Many have bad side effects. In fact there was something on TV about Benicar, probably a class action law suit.

Benicar HCT 20 mg-12.5 mg one tablet at night for high blood pressure (1 pill)
Caltrate 600 with D 600 mg-400 intl units two tablets daily, morning and evening for calcium deficiency (2 pills)
Chondroitin-glucosamine 600 mg 750 mg, one with each meal for painful joints (3 pills)
Furosemide 20 mg one tablet in the morning for fluid retention (1 pill)
Levothyroxine 125 mcg (0.125 mg) one tablet in the morning on an empty stomach, I have to wait an hour after taking it to eat (1 pill)
Simvastatin 40 mg 1 tablet in the evening for cholesterol (1 pill)
Enteric aspirin adult ec 81 mg 1 tablet in the morning (1 pill)
Vitamin D 1,000 intl units, two tablets in the morning for Vitamin D deficiency (2 pills)
Centrum Silver 1 tablet each morning (1 pill)
Trulicity 1.5 mg dulaglutide injection once weekly
Clotrimazole and betamethasone cream dipropionate 2 times daily for skin infection

Okay, here is the total number of pills-13. When I go to the doctor, I have to bring in any pills/supplements, creams that I am using. I fill up half a plastic grocery bag full.

I ran all of these through a site that lets you add them one at a time and some do have interactions, but apparently not bad enough for the pharmacy to prescribe them all for me.

I am too old to have to try to remember all of this if I was sick. I keep a typed copy to fill my pill containers or I wouldn't get that right. My husband, bless his heart, brings my thyroid pill to me every morning and makes sure that I take it.

Well, time to give him his B-12 shot and to take mine. I am looking to get in the 100's with the shot and continuing on the low carb high fat diet. We are to help clean the church building in the morning. I will count that as my exercise, be the Lord Willing. I will see what my numbers are when I talk to the doctor, if they are below 200, I am quitting the shots.

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  • FROSTY99
    emoticon Sounds like hubby is coming around-it helps so much when you are both trying to do this together!
    1741 days ago

    Here is another video:

    Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off - YouTube
    1742 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/28/2015 2:07:13 AM
    The 100s? Yay!
    I watched the video. It was fascinating.
    Keep up the great work!
    1742 days ago
    ELYSIAN_DREAMS, I have bowel problems. Hubby only walked around the block. I am eating at least two fistfuls of salad greens daily, tomatoes and canned green beans. I need to buy more fresh non-starchy vegetables to get in some variety. I chose to stay home to be close to a bathroom. The two fistfuls of salad greens and one fistful of the non-starchy vegetables are to be eaten daily. Sometimes the fiber affects me.

    We have had junk food in our house since we married. Hubby is on two high blood pressure medicines and folic acid because his body doesn't have any iron.

    We had to put our dog down last month. We walked around the block nightly with her. I used to walk the current mile route with the dog, but my husband wouldn't go with me. He was in the habit of walking the dog around the block daily and sometimes twice a day, even if I didn't go along with him. Now, he has retired and the dog is no longer with us. He has put on weight since retiring.

    I am stoked about this way of eating because I am full. For me, that is huge! I weighed this morning and I think I may be down 7 pounds. I will go by the doctor's scale when I return to see her October 7.

    Surprisingly, many that follow this diet have their levels come down on everything. It normalizes your entire system. People in the Reversing Diabetes group post their lab results because they are astonished at how much they improved. My blood glucose last night was 257 and this morning it was up to 241. I took the Trulicity shot to knock the numbers into the 100's. Hubby and I were arguing and I was stressed. From 9/10-9/23 my readings been above 300, so I will take these numbers and work to get them lower.

    I am excited to see my doctor Wednesday afternoon. October 7, but there are people in the medical community that resist believing the results and paint a dreary picture of possible problems if you continue.

    I told my doctor about Spark People and she recommends it to her patients. I plan to carry my diet in to show her and tell her about the video. Here is the video.


    1744 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/28/2015 2:03:34 AM
    I think I'll point out the obvious and say that eating a high fat/protein diet obviously isn't going to help your cholesterol. However, your blood sugar seems to be responding well to the diet, so keep on keeping on.
    I didn't understand the reason why you didn't go walking with your husband. Were you waiting for a call, or were you not feeling well? I definitely think the walk is important, and it's a nice habit you're both getting into.
    I think your husband is so inspired by your efforts, he's willing to give it a go too! That says a lot about how well you're doing!
    I think if you continue with the goals of using dietary change and exercise to improve your sugar and weight loss, then a lot of these problems will -- if not take care of themselves, then definitely improve.
    I think you can do this regardless of whether your hubby supports you or not, but it is definitely easier if he's interested in being part of the solution.

    1744 days ago
    Thank you, SUZIWADE for reading and commenting on my blog. I am hoping to get steady normal glucose readings by working at this low carb high fat way of eating,

    1744 days ago
    So glad to see you getting good results from your positive changes, sweetie. It'll be so much easier if you both commit to a healthy lifestyle change~ li'l steps over time equal big results, but you know that because that is where you are headed. Keep up the good work, trust the process, and know that good Lord will see you through temptation. *hugs* BB~ emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1744 days ago
    Very happy hubby is working with you on this. It is hard to do it alone. I worry about all those pills! My husband was on 10 and personally believe he was over medicated and that contributed to his death. The side effects of one pill made taking another pill, then that pills side effects made another pill---and so on. I am hoping you can get of the pills ASAP.
    1744 days ago
    I was happy to read that your hubby is getting rid of the junk food. Your best shot at this is if he supports your diet. After you lose the extra weight and get your numbers down you won't be walking into the doctor's office with a half bag of pills.
    1744 days ago
    It's hard taking care of ourselves, but it's worth it.

    Good for you for getting your pills organized. I have done that very FlyLady thing and have my pills in my control journal so ANYONE could set it up following the directions if I could not.

    1744 days ago
    I take some of those too. Hang in there as you lose weight you can take less pills. That is me. I just stopped taking some. It is worth baby steps. It works.
    1744 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1479887
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1744 days ago
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