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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Yesterday I felt so awful that I stayed home from work. I had Nyquil for breakfast and slept until 3 pm, then dragged myself out of bed to eat something and went to see the kid's soccer game. I'm not sure whether that was an example of insanity or laudable priorities. The kid's team played last year's state champions. Of course they lost badly, but the kid scored her team's only goal, so there's that.

And it was cold and windy, which didn't help with my whole sick situation. I stayed up until 1 am helping the kid with her homework; more accurately, I kept her company until she finished her homework. My brain wasn't actually in any condition to help with any thinking!

Now I am sitting in my office feeling like a zombie. My first meeting isn't for another couple of hours so I have a bit of time to prepare. Is it possible for my entire head to be congested? It's feeling pretty messed up right now.

Sorry for all the complaining. I'm not really in such bad shape, I just need to dump this all out before bracing for the rest of the day!

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