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Changes I need to Make...my reminder Blog!

Friday, October 09, 2015

So, here's a question to ponder....
what are you going to do differently now than in the past to ensure you have success towards your goals? Remember, if you want different results, you have to do something different!

I have created a challenge on one of my teams- The 100 Club. I am hoping that it is a challenge that focuses us on really helping each other achieve goals and success- accountability, action and feedback. I also have a few teams that I am trying to be more active on, because there are some really great, knowledgable and helpful people out there and I like knowing them! And then there are the teams that I go to for love and support- for venting, asking advice or anything else- these girls are an important part of my life! These teams are all important to me and I plan to be a better team member!

I have challenged myself to end this year with some success. To make this a year of progress, even though it has been very very slow and sporadic so far!

Here are some ideas I came up with for me to do to make sure that I do see some results over time if I stay disciplined and engaged.....

1. BE ON SPARK! When I look back, the times I lost weight were the times I was active on a team or with a group of friends. The support really helps me. I will also try to be better about tracking and logging things. This is probably the hardest part for me. I do track on paper, though- so that is a step in the right direction!

2. My husband and son know how important this is to me...I turn 50 in February and want to weigh less- so they have been assigned the job of "tough cop!"

3. I am trying hard to keep myself prepared. I will grill chicken, etc. I will have options to get me through in a pinch!

4. I am trying NOT to deal with my trigger foods. I have a family of 6...so this one is hard. But, the other night when cheesecake was served, I told my son he would have to serve it, wash the knife and put leftovers away- no chance for me to pick and sample and then just jump in if I am not touching these things I love! I am trying to keep the sink full of soapy water when I am preparing food- so things go in the sink, not in my mouth. Making PBJ sandwiches is definitely a time this helps me out- no spoon licking!!

5. No scale...so far, this is helping me stay focused! I am realizing that losing 3 pounds is not something everyone else notices on me. I get so excited for any loss....and then I celebrate....and then I sabotage myself. I always feel like any loss makes me look so much better- I really don't have an accurate view of myself until I see photos (I guess I am more of an optimist than I thought!!) Without the scale everyday, I focus much more on how I am feeling. I will admit that I check the tape measure sometimes! That doesn't show quick progress, but it doesn't make me feel bummed like the scale, so I like it! I will try...hard...to just weigh in weekly during the challenge.

I know I want to change...
I know for my health I need to change.....
and in order to change myself and my life,
I really do need to find new ways to do things.

I like to write these ideas in my blogs so I can reread them when things are tough and I need a reminder-during my non motivated times--from my optimistic, hopeful, motivated self!
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