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5 days Smoke Free!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I am day 5 of being smoke free and have saved $30. My milestone is $60, that I am going to spend for flowers for the front garden bed. I love being outside and the flowers will be a constant reminder to me of how far ( even baby steps) I have come.

Today the scales weighed 2 lbs less than yesterday. I was happy, but not over the moon, because it is only a machine. I am THRILLED that I have been logging for 41 days. Logging was the hardest thing for me to get a handle on. Now it seems easy. I hope exercise will become a habit, right now my inner brat keeps arguing with me. When she throws a tantrum, I hand her a broom!

I can't do too much at one time, due to lack of energy and fibro. I have been getting almost 8 hrs sleep, now I just need to start moving a bit at a time. I am still doing the stretches. My hip muscles and arm muscles are so tight they hurt. Stretching does alleviate that.

I am thinking, it is uncomfortable for me to carry 10's of potatoes, and I would need a cart to carry 25#. So I will lose 130#'s. That is a lot of potatoes!! I can imagine how good that is going to feel, and it helps motivate me in immeasurable ways.

I can't believe I let myself get so heavy. I think I was in a place where I was eating emotionally and not grounded. Then of course, there is the social pot lucks and get togethers. I wasn't in control of me and my choices. I can't live in the past, but I recognize that this extra weight did impede my ability to do may of the things I like to do.

The picture on my blog was taken in 2012, We went out on a boat off the Oregon Coast, had a beautiful day. Climbing that ladder to the fly bridge was quite a chore.

I am the oldest of 8 children. I have lost 3 siblings to heart disease. Recently my youngest brother had a very close call. All were smokers and had high blood pressure and weight problems. I don't want to be another family statistic. I want my epitaph to read that I loved well, and enjoyed life.

Now I will sign off, plan my weekly menus and Bless my House with a few well done chores.

Bless you all.
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