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Crossroads: meet my best friend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I think we all have times in our lives where we are at a crossroad and our choices will determine not only our quality of life but perhaps even our survival. All of the aspects of one such crossroad has gathered around me. Not too long ago I was speaking with a friend about how I overcame negative self talk. I mentioned that when I said something critical of my self I asked if I would say that to my best friend? And if not why was I saying it to myself? Shouldn't I treat myself with thw same love and respect I give my friends? Don't I have a duty to be my own best friend? That got me thinking about my other life choices and WHY was I allowing myself to eat garbage that I knew was not good for me? So I started an experiment. I started trying to imagine that I have a best friend that looks just like me and who faces the same problems and challenges and who has worked their health into the same pickle. When I choose a meal I ask myself if this is something that I want to feed her? When my best friend is not sure she can accomplish something, I tell her, come on, I will help you. While it sounds a little psychotic it has helped me change my perspective about what is acceptable and what is not. And it has helped me see my resources and abilities more clearly.
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