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It's Monday, and you're awesome

Monday, November 02, 2015

Why is it that Mondays have gotten such a bad rap? Isn't this the start of a brand new week? A week where we can erase the blips of Halloween candy and move on to a healthy new week, and a healthy new month?

Plus, you're awesome. You ARE awesome. You are here, you are working to improve yourself, and every single day that you meet your goals, realize how awesome you are.

This isn't an easy journey. For many of us, we have to erase life-long habits, that are ingrained in our psyche.

I am reading the "Beck" book, and something that I just read really stuck with me. (Actually, so many things are sticking with me and I am really enjoying it!) Beck asks if there are any times we resent thin people who "don't have to worry about what they eat". The answer was a resounding YES. The interesting part is that thin people DO worry about what they eat, and they seem to have a great "I'm not hungry" trigger. They eat when they are hungry, and are not obsessed with eating, or eating past the point of satiety. Beck was at a dinner party, watching a group of ten people. Six were "slim", four were overweight. The thin people mostly passed by the hors 'd oeuvres, and ate part of what was on their plates. The overweight people ate the hors 'd oeuvres, everything on their plates, and all four asked for seconds. Beck was watching this thinking, they can't still be hungry, and of course they weren't. They were satisfying a different kind of hunger.

I have been there, and I just do not do that anymore, and I am SO glad. Reading this book is eye opening and really gives reasons why we over-eaters do what we do, and how we can correct it, mentally.

I am reading this book, because I intend on being slim and awesome. I will never go back to my old habits or my old weight. This has been a journey in so many ways, and all of them have been good.

I am not only shedding weight, but the burdens put on me by me with the weight. I am also shedding things in my house that burden me.

I WILL be awesome, and I know you already are.

Spark on.

Beck book:
"The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person" by Judith S. Beck
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good blog yet again Jane.
    1942 days ago
    The one thing I know about you from the time we first met is that you have always been awesome. It's something you're born with, and some people learn how to embrace it, and some people struggle with it. You may have struggled with your weight, but you never struggled with your awesomeness (even if you weren't always sure of it).

    One of the things that Spark does is teach people how to embrace their awesomeness. Discovering that within us is such a joy. Once we fully embrace how awesome we are, then the desire for overeating and poor choices just evaporates.

    And that, my friend, is AWESOME.

    Big hugs and keep Sparking, Jane! XOX
    1942 days ago
    What frustrates me is that I USED to be one of those people who could eat whatever I wanted and never gain weight. But something happened in middle-age; I guess I must have slowed down my activity without thinking about cutting back on food.

    I want me back again!
    1943 days ago
    I know that when I am at the gym and see thin people the bad side of my mind has bad thoughts. I think what on earth are they doing here they look terrific. People who are over weight like me are the ones that need to be here. When thin people are there to continue the healthy life style and to better there muscles.Iget a little jelous wishing I was them...
    1943 days ago
    my boss is very thin. He doesn't eat much of anything that is remotely healthy, BUT he never eats between meals and he doesn't care for sweets. He also cannot sit still. Even when he's making phone calls, he fidgets.

    I was a 'naturally thin' person for many years. As my metabolism has slowed, I have to work harder to keep weight off. And it's MUCH harder to lose. When I was in my 20s, I could lose 1/2 lb a day just by running for 30 min or so.

    but I won't give up!

    and YOU are emoticon
    1943 days ago
    Great wisdom here. Yes, I have been caught in the resentment trap at times. My SIL is one of those people with a fabulous metabolism who also exercises. She eats what she wants when she wants to. Though I know that my weight has been caused by my own emotional eating and I am responsible for taking care of my body.

    I agree with Minneuk that thin doesn't always mean healthy. Many of my thin friends have atrocious eating habits (can you say - skip lunch and eat junk food). We're all on our own journeys and are responsible for taking care of ourselves.

    You are awesome!
    1943 days ago
    Thin people SHOULD worry about what they eat! A case in point would be my BIL - thin as a rake except for a little paunch, and I once saw him eat a whole bag of 8 big doughnuts as a snack between breakfast and lunch. (He obviously is not one of the ones with the 'I'm not hungry' trigger!) How does he look? Tired, palid and older than his years! It's worth remembering that thin people can and do get diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems etc etc. It's all about healthy lifestyle, and anyone heading in that direction has a much better chance of a long and healthy life than a thin person who eats rubbish and doesn't exercise!
    So yes we all are awesome emoticon Thanks for the reminder!
    1943 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    great share.................. emoticon
    1943 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Jane, you are already emoticon and your awesomeness will just continue to grow as you shed all the excess unneeded and now unwanted stuff. That includes the easy things like clothes you'll never wear as well as intangible things like negative thoughts.
    For most people the intangible is harder than the intangible, but you have a very up-beat attitude. Let that be your touchstone and let your inner spark shine emoticon

    emoticon and emoticon
    1943 days ago
    The more I read about Beck here in Spark the more I think I might want to take a peek at the books. I too think Mondays are awesome, fresh start, new week, clean slate.

    I am also "shedding" things in my home. I find it really interesting the connection I am finding between letting go of "stuff" in my house, office, closets, etc., and clearing the "stuff" in my head. Love how it all works together! With less stuff, it is so much calmer and cleaner (literally and metaphorically speaking).

    1943 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    emoticon by an emoticon person.
    1943 days ago
    Happy Monday! Thanks for sharing.
    1943 days ago
    Beck is brilliant! WE have to think like thin people!

    LOVE the perspective on Monday, too.
    1943 days ago
    Happy Monday! Thanks for sharing such a positive message, especially on Monday!
    1943 days ago
    I will check it out. Thanks.
    1943 days ago
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