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Day 7 - went out for a walk... Turned into a run

Monday, November 02, 2015

Hey guys! I didn't write a blog for day 3-4-5 and 6, but i kept my goals in mind. I made healthier choices but still didn't track every single thing I put on my plate but I did loose the mindless eating! When I eat something I try to enjoy every single bite, and it doesn't matter if I'm eating sushi, veggies or something sweet.. I found that this way, I eat less, feel fuller and more satisfied! Which ia good since it's hard to be an epicurian and have to avoid food (c; I also went out for a walk as soon As I put my kids to bed, I was feeling tired and the dog was restless so I though it was a good thing that we both go out and get some fresh air! I live on top of a hill so when I go out for a walk I always go down the hill, then walk around the residential area then go back up the hill! I normally walk faster when going down hill (which is a mix of gravity and my dog pulling on his harness because he's so excited to go) but once at the bottom I normally slow down to a more normal pace but that didn't happen today! Everytime I tried to alow down, it felt odd so I kept the same pace and ended up jogging the whole way! I even jogged up the hill which was a first for me! I ran a 5k in may but I hurt my heel and stopped running for most of the summer so I havn't done much running! This felt amazing even if I wasn't dressed for running or and my running shoes on ( i had my hiking shoes so it wasn't that bad) So today was a good day (c:
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