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You are beautiful.

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Friday, November 06, 2015

Admire others' beauty without questioning your own.

How many times in the course of your overweight life have you looked at a thin person and thought, if only. If only I was thin, I would be beautiful. If only I was thin, I would be happy...

The truth is, all beauty emanates from within. Beauty is manifested on your face and on your body, showing just exactly how you feel.

I know some life-long thin people that are not at all beautiful. They are not happy, and it shows on their faces. I know some obese people that shine like the sun. Their inner peace radiates out from their face and you can see that they know their inner beauty, and proudly display it.

Don't look to others to question or validate your beauty. Every single one of us has our own beauty, and you need to know that your happiness shows on your face. No-one else in the world is you. You are unique and have capabilities nobody else has. You are beautiful.

Discontent sometimes shows on your body, as us over-eaters all know. Many of us have used food as a comfort. I have come to realize that food is the diametric opposite of comfort. Using it to soothe does the opposite. Overeating sets up a chain reaction that can reverberate for years. Eat, gain weight, be upset with the weight gain, eat because you are unhappy....I know, I did this for years. Not anymore!!!!!

I have had to work hard on this beauty concept. I didn't even look in the mirror for the past number of years, except to put on makeup, which I spent all of five minutes on. I was deluding myself, but I guess it worked, because I have had to lose 100 pounds. I do look in the mirror now, sometimes a little shocked at the new me I have created. It feels awesome, and I can even look in the mirror at myself in a swimsuit and feel pretty good about it. I'm getting there...and I'm getting beautiful.

Take the time to love yourself today. Take a moment to admire your beauty. We are all flawed and we all have things we like to be self-critical about, and we need to stop. Tell yourself that you are working on making you better, but regardless of that, you are beautiful. Find ten things that make you beautiful and write them down and put them on your mirror. Look at them every single time you look at the mirror. (This one's not from Beck...it's from ME!!)

Let's stop that critical nonsense today. Find your beauty and cherish it. You are an important, vital person, and no matter what you weigh, you are beautiful, and deserve to realize that.

Spark on.
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