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Breaking Free

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

I first began my weight loss journey 3 years ago at 179 pounds. I was tired of being overweight, unhealthy, and having no energy. The road was hard, but I began walking and bike riding again (my absolute favorite workout!), and at one point I managed to get down to 154 pounds.

Then life got in the way and I found myself going back up to 160 pounds. For a while, I seemed to be on this roller coaster from 160-163, and couldn't get any lower. I found it so frustrating and wanted to just give up. I kept praying and asking God to help, and last year, he brought Josh into my life.

We got married in October last year and he started his own weight loss journey, right alongside me. Together, we were losing weight little by little. When I say that, what I really mean is that he lost 100 pounds in 6 months, and I lost 5....so not fair.....

Anyway, I kept going, but after a while, found myself stuck on another roller coaster, this time between 157-160 pounds. That scale just didn't want to read anything below 157. I really think our scale may have been broken. Yes! That HAS to be it!

Fast forward to a week ago, after hearing about SparkPeople from a couple different people (one being my awesome mother-in-law), I decided to give it a try. It's working well for her, and I had nothing to lose (except this excess weight I've been carrying). I went to the site, created an account, and started exploring the many options available to me (my favorite being community!)

Today is now 7 days being on SparkPeople, and upon weighing myself this morning, the scale finally fixed itself! Funny how that happens! I saw a number today that I haven't seen in several months! 155.8......WOOHOO!!!

I know that God led me to this site as a way of answering my prayer, just like he brought Josh into my life last year to get me back on track. I'm so blessed to have a loving father who uses people to direct me to the things he wants me to do. I would be so lost right now without him.

Have a great day all!
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