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Winter 5% Clover Leaf Team Countdown Activities

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I am very late getting these done. I am so thankful the holidays are over & we can get back to “normal” soon!!

#1 – Exercise Plan: My exercise plan is minimum of 10 minutes of walking/cardio a day to keep up my streak on my Spark Activity Tracker. I am currently on day 19. My longest streak is 68 days & I should make that before the end of the 5% challenge!! I also aim for 6000 steps a day. I plan to add strength training with the Bikini Bootcamp workout I found at my library, pilates & yoga. I may get the Piyo program one day in January.

#2 – Nutrition Plan: I plan to stay in calorie range 5-6 days a week. I shoot for 5 freggies a day, 60g of protein & 16g of fiber each day. I also strive to keep my carbs at 50% or less.

#3 – Update your page: I changed the colors to a pretty blue. I also made sure to include the Clover Leaf team icon on my page.

#4 & 5 – Checklists: I LOVE my checklists!! I have a daily one that I change each month. I also made a weekly one. It lists things I know I need to do but can’t schedule. They both really help keep me focused & makes me feel powerful to check off items each day!!

#6 – Motivation: Why do I want to lose weight: 1) I felt really good at my lower weight. 2) I like feeling strong & powerful. 3) I like getting compliments. 4) I like people saying “I can’t believe you have 5 kids!” 5) I want to be mistaken for my daughter’s sister, not her mom.

#7 – Triggers: What are my “fall off the wagon” triggers? 1) Not getting enough sleep. Then I gain weight & don’t have the will power to make good decisions. I also feel like my body craves more food when it is tired!! 2) Headaches. These I can’t really control, but I can recognize them as a trigger & at least try something healthy before I reach for food. 3) Being bored. I have lots to keep me busy, I just need to explore the possibilities to keep myself distracted.

#8 – Strategize: Tell myself - 1)food will not solve my problem; 2) Hunger will NOT kill me; 3) One slip-up does not have to derail my whole day. I just need to start over with the next meal/snack.

#9 - What Spark Defines as Exercise: This is a “give me”, now that I have my SAT! It is so picky & really wants that 10+ min of continual activity!! I now know that 1 big plus 1 small lap around my property equals about 12 minutes & can keep that streak going!!

#10 - Are You Prepared to Reach Your Goals? The quiz said I am “On your Way Your Goals!”

#11 - Light Your Fire! – My Spark Friend Lyn had this quote: “You want results? Then EAT like it!”

#12 - Body measurements: I took these a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t like the results!! I will record them again at the end of the challenge.

#13 - Your numbers:
Current weight: 122
5%: 6 pounds
Goal weight: 116
By When: Feb 27th
Update on Spark: I did change my calories burned goal. I had Spark reset my calories, but I changed them. I have tried their goals before. The last time I really lost weight, my calorie range was higher. So I plan to try my higher range for a few weeks.

#14 – Picture: This has never motivated me. The changes I need to make don’t really show up. I am glad they work for others.

It will be good to look back over these activities at the end of the 5% challenge to see how close I came to my goals!!
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