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My 16 Wishes for 2016

Friday, January 01, 2016

16 Wishes for My 2016

1. I will turn 50 in February- I want to start a new decade of strength and confidence! I will continue to lead the Fit by 50 Team....with the plan of being more Fit BY 50...and beyond!

2. Setting a goal weight is hard! Reality vs. Desire vs. motivation today and a month from now! My goal weight is 125...because at that weight, I will have a healthy BMI. My goal- to get closer to that weight every day! I am closer today, at 168 pounds, than I was on January 2015 at 189.2 pounds. I will be closer on January 2017.

3. My theme for this year- Grace, Growth and Love. Starting with Grace- I want to be more present in my life, more kind with my words and to fully experience the Grace God has gifted my life with!

4. Growth- I want to grow into a more confident, self assured woman! I want to learn more- to explore more, look at new and differing perspectives- to round out who I am and add dimension!

5. Love- I want to love my children, friends and family better! I want to open myself to new friendships and experiences. I want to face the world with less judgement and a kinder heart.
I also want to love myself in a better and deeper way! I want to deepen and renew my marriage in all sorts of fun and creative ways! We celebrate 25 years of marriage this summer, and I want to celebrate where we have been but to also look ahead to where we are going!

6. I want to incorporate more exercise into my day. I will continue to lead my SParkteam, the 100 Club, and I will focus on meeting that small goal of 100 reps per day more often than not meeting it!

7. I hope to enjoy better boundaries with my kids, especially older ones. It is hard define my role as a parent now that my "child" is a young adult. It is hard to accept that I can't change or fix everything. Or that I have to accept things I don't necessarily want to. I plan to be mindful, thoughtful and kinder when I am faced with any of these challenges.

8. Change is happening all around me and I need to find peace and acceptance. My parents are getting older and struggling more. I can't make everything better for them. I need to celebrate the small, happy moments we can share, I need to be strong during the difficult times, and I need to find peace when things are painful but can't be changed.

9. I love nature and need to celebrate that! More walks, more time at the Botanic gardens, more gardening! I need to be better with the Environment- always looking for ways to do better! I am happy with our huge decrease in disposable water bottles and our increased use of reusable containers for lunches. I will keep looking for ways to be better!

10. I will participate and join things! I completed "Bike the Drive" this past year- I want to do more of that! In my teams on Spark, I will participate and be more present when I can!

11. I will do more service. I have done a school supply drive and a coat drive, I have volunteered in the Soup Kitchen, and I teach at our church. Service fills my soul- and I want to make it a family mission!

12. I will celebrate- small and big wins. I will check in, blog, rack- do all the things I need to do so that I can keep my goals in front of me! I will NOT only celebrate the scale!

13. Reading is a luxury! Curling up with a good book is such a treat! I will read more- which ties into my theme of "learning" more!

14. I will have a list of 6 new things that I could not do or had not done before today that I will add as a proud accomplishment for the year. This will require me to look at what I can't do and challenge myself!

15. I will be more girly! Although I try not to focus on looks and the "outer" stuff, it wouldn't kill me to put more attention into what I wear, painting my nails, etc! Your outer self tells a story about you- I should work harder to make it a good one!

16. I will not give up. No matter what challenges come, I will stay strong and focused. I will change directions as needed, rethink, replan, reimagine.....but I will continue to be excited about my growth journey and I will keep striving to be a better me!

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