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Grocery Shopping Visit For Healthy Kitchen

Monday, January 04, 2016

This morning I got up at my alarm (Way to go, I usually sleep in) and went grocery shopping first thing in the morning. I felt weak in the middle of the night when I woke up so I ate a half of a leftover taco and it tasted delicious. In the morning I ate half a banana and wasn't hungry so didn't eat before shopping. I should have eaten then, my calorie count for today is a bit low.

At the grocery store, I looked for sprouted grain bread and didn't find it but found a healthy bread labeled twice the fiber which I had two slices of a tuna sandwich at lunch. I got baby spinach for the first time and some more fruits and vegetables which I was using up. At the drugstore I got flax oil supplement pills for more Omega 3's and walnuts and protein powder. I got more walnuts at the grocery store, pumpkin seeds, beans (5 cans), two cans of soup for low calorie dinners, hummus for healthy snacking, more cheddar cheese (shredded), whole grain pasta, and frozen blueberries and mixed anti-oxident blend of berries and cherries. I spend 62 dollars.

For dinner, my hubby didn't cook and instead we ate up leftovers from the fridge. My dinner was pretty low in calories as I ate only a part bowl of leftovers with beans mixed in and I found out surprisingly that beans lowered my appetite so I could eat less.

I forgot to weigh myself in the morning, but weighed myself before eating lunch and I weighed 259 pounds, so I figure my first thing in the morning weight is 258 pounds. So I weigh 3 pounds more than I thought I did, but I knew I weighed a lot from doctors visits where I weighed in as much as 274 pounds with shoes and clothing on in the middle of the day with a swelled leg increasing my weight. I figure I've lost 2 pounds in the last week, or about 1 percent of my body weight in a week's time.

Now I decided to take it easy and concentrate on my food diary, which is DietMinder available from amazon.com. I decided to submit the tip of using a DietMinder diet journal as a secrets of success which I will do next on SparkPeople. I plan on only weighing myself once a week, so feedback comes from my DietMinder diet journal, not from the scale.

I walked twice today, once for 13 minutes and once for 11 minutes and it isn't easy for me to walk at this high weight. No wonder I stopped walking when I gained 5 more pounds. It seems the last 5 pounds I put on made exercise very difficult. But I am trying to exercise in short walks at a slower pace.

I'm on the Extreme Transformation Chris Powell diet, and still haven't cooked any of his recipes from his book yet, nor have I got his two other books in the mail yet. When I get his other books, I will blog about if they are good diet books or not. One idea I stole from this diet plan is eating 5-7 times a day, with mini-meals in between bigger meals, and keeping the calorie count of each bigger meal down. However, I eat similar food as is in his Extreme Transformation diet book, and have a similar healthy kitchen. Tomorrow I will blog about what is in a healthy kitchen.

Broke down at CVS and bought Lindor chocolate truffles to replace two I ate of my husband's Christmas treats, but haven't eaten any and they may last a whole month in my treat cupboard. My only treat for the day was a 2/3rds section of an Oreo Mega Stuff cookie before exercising, to raise my blood sugar and prevent it from getting too low on the walk.

I have really improved on eating sweets in the past week and diet soda is definitely lasting longer in my pantry. But it's more important to add in healthy items than to consider certain foods off limits. What I really did is replace no-fiber chocolate candy with high fiber foods like high fiber bread, crackers and bran flakes and with the high-fiber I feel more satisfied on a lower calorie intake and can eat less. But I now eat more often (6-7 times a day).

Time to post my DietMinder tip on secrets of success and do my daily writing time.

See you tomorrow,

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