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So, it's snowing....

Saturday, January 23, 2016

I have been watching the coverage of the winter storm "Jonas" impacting the entire eastern seaboard with some amusement. I saw a woman last night during a sports update for the Carolina Panthers game, say that all cars needed to get off the roads. There was MAYBE an inch of snow on the ground, and very light snow falling. Take cover, for an inch of snow? ARRGGGGGH.

My niece, Kate, lives in Washington D.C. She texted me birthday greetings, and I texted her back asked how the snow preparations were going. She texted me back and said, "Aunt Jane, these people are going crazy. It's just a snowstorm....we will be fine". She grew up about five minutes away from us, in Minneapolis. She knows snow, learned how to drive in it, and knows that it is probably best when the snow is falling a couple inches an hour, to just stay warm, and know it will pass. In Minneapolis, the plows come by about once an hour during a storm, and major arterial roads and freeways are always running during a storm. The only issue is digging out at home, and most of us have snowblowers, and you can hear them starting up mid-storms, so the accumulation isn't so great.

The problem with these places getting snow, is that is the CITIES are unprepared, and citizens panic. They don't have the plows we have here in Minnesota. The don't have the processes we have, almost instantaneous, and continuous. In addition to plows, we also have salt trucks, to get ice off roads. Nobody would really go to the store and "stock up" here, unless they lived really remotely, and most likely, those people are already prepared. We know snow!

Kate sent me this great article, making fun of the craziness of the media and maybe some citizens in D.C., from D.C.:


I would leave my house with six inches of snow falling, and drive through it, without a thought. If you drive slowly, snow is not a big deal. It's panic that screws everything up. Minnesotans have this kind of snow event happen a lot of times in our lives, and usually it is about 30 degrees colder than it is this weekend in D.C.

I have also lost electricity way more than 20 times in storms. Again, we are all prepared. We have lanterns, we have flashlights, and we don't open the fridge or freezer until the lights go back on. The only issue is the furnaces, so the electric company has an automated system, and tries to get lights back on within a couple of hours, and keep us updated.

My darling Daughter and I talked last night at dinner, and we figured out, that she had TWO snow days (day off from school, because the buses and teachers cannot get to school, or it is below -20 air temperature) from kindergarten through high school.

Good luck you pioneers!! Stay home and do not panic. This will be over by tomorrow morning.

On another note, I am so incredibly humbled by all the kind comments left for me yesterday, on my birthday blog. I had a great day, made even better by all you wonderful and treasured Sparkfriends and fellow Sparkers. I appreciate your awesome comments so very much.

I am feeling as good as I am because of all of your support. I couldn't possibly be more grateful for every single one of you.

Spark on/snow on.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • FRAN0426
    I remember growing up in northern Mn., going to school every day in the winter. No snow days, no wind chill effects---just keep going and do the best of the situation. Many times we had snow past our knees, but walked through it, no choice. Yes, these were the good old days back in the 50's and early sixties.
    1860 days ago
    Being from Iowa, we understand the snow situation also. Iowa hardly ever closes down for a snow event either.
    Now, we live in Missouri. Completely different here. No one is prepared for driving in snow events. Even if it's only a couple of inches. They close schools, some major businesses close early, if they even open. And people panic, even if they live right next door to a grocery store, and buy up the shelves. Insane.
    My job hardly ever lets us go home early, unless there's an ice storm. That can make a difference. Since we live 20 miles away from work, DH and I make the decisions if we're even going in at that point. Too many idiots on the highways, that DON'T know how to drive in it, to try it.
    1860 days ago
  • no profile photo JEANNETTE59
    Rural NJ Pioneer filing status report: roads brined 24 hrs prior to snow event, salted 4-6 hours hours prior to snow. Plow-train made runs on nearest road on a 3 hr cycle.
    Snow accumulation 23 inches.
    Everyone in the area owns a snow-blower and a number of shovels and we know how to use them. Winds 30 to 40 miles/hour with higher gusts.
    Current status roads and highways beyond town cleared. Local pavements cleared. We lost some old forest trees and lots of limbs.
    We have started clearing the trails. Jack emoticon and my 2 grandsons and I have made it to 3 trails with seeds, suet, salt licks, dried corn and nuts for the small wild critters.
    Some of the towns to the south are dealing with flooding, due to full moon high tides.
    We are safe and fortunate and praying for those from coast to coast, who have not been as prepared nor as lucky as us.

    emoticon and emoticon


    1860 days ago
    OK, forgive me east coast. This was a massive storm, and you were unprepared. Stay warm!!
    1860 days ago
    emoticon It's all about the prep and knowledge. I wonder how much Washingtonians have? Anything new in a large scale is a challenge, I guess.
    1860 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    It is funny to hear from other areas that are not used to snow. But as you said we have the equipment to deal with it, and they don't. Good luck to all of those cities that are being hit. I hope the snow melts very soon for them! emoticon
    1860 days ago
    1860 days ago
    My daughter and family live in Roanoke, VA - they have had significant snow a couple of times over the past 10 years. My son-in-law is the only one in their neighborhood who knows what to do and who actually has a shovel! Schools are closed with the smallest amount of snowfall. It's interesting to see when, like you said, those of us from Minnesota have done this almost every year for all of our lives! As I was growing up I had only one snow day and I remember it! My children maybe had two.

    On another note, I am glad to hear your birthday was successful and I'm sorry I missed it.

    1860 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    hope all in the path of the storm remain safe!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1861 days ago
    emoticon We are rubbish at dealing with snow in many parts of the UK too!
    1861 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1861 days ago
    We live in the Rockies where WINTER means SNOW. Geeeeeeze.
    1861 days ago
  • HEDSTS58
    I live in Michigan, and like you, we know snow. My sister lives in Virginia and they were turning their garbage trucks into snow plows. And as for driving, I don't like to think driving where she lives on a good day let alone in snow!!
    1861 days ago
    I lived in a suburb of Chicago, now reside in WI and went to school in Rochester, MN. Went to the Cities all the time. OMG, never a problem. Never.

    When I was a student nurse in Rochester, they made the decision to tear down the dorm where I lived. I found an apartment just down the street. The day I was to move it was -30 and the wind chill was -60. BUCK UP NANCY. LOLOL And they had a lotta snow.
    1861 days ago
    You nailed it - it's all in how prepared you are, and the areas that don't deal with the volume of snow we get just aren't prepared to deal with ANY. We joke about places in the South that cancel school if there is snow. We got 100" of snow in December ALONE and would never consider cancelling school just because of the snow. Then again, I have studded tires to help grip and am accustomed to driving on snow. You can always tell who the locals are, and who just moved to our area, when those first storms hit....
    1861 days ago
  • MITCHSTA1232
    Snow storms happen. In Kansas we might get snowed in for 2 days, but the equipment will eventually clear paths. Let's face it, we might not eat like kings, but most of us could survive from out pantry for a good while! Keep sparking!
    1861 days ago
  • FITNIK2020
    Snow panicking everyone. How about snow tires, how about shovelling periodically instead of waiting to do it later...& risking a heart attack. It's a media event all right .
    1861 days ago
  • FITNIK2020
    I'm from Montreal, and could echo your snow strategy but we had good equipment and prompt removal. Here in Toronto one inch has them in a panic. One thing different is the kind of heavy snow and high tides in the east. We are wondering why the media
    1861 days ago
    I live in the South most of my life. With the exception of the winter I lived in New Jersey, snow is an rarity. Just the treat of snow is enough to shut the whole city down. So it goes. I traveling to Minneapolis this week so I guess I'll get my share of the snow for the year.

    1861 days ago
    I had to laugh out loud at this. When I lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan, during my elementary school years, we would always trudge through the snow, sometimes knee-deep, to get to school. When I was in the 6th grade, we moved in Peru, Indiana, a much smaller town about 70 miles north of Indianapolis. We would get 4 inches of snow, and BOOM - snow day! The lack of snow removal equipment and the rural environment made it so difficult for many students to come to school that it was easier to close the schools. Yes, for just 4 inches. Of course, I didn't complain!!!

    Now I've turned into a complete wuss. I find myself complaining of the "cold" when it's a FREEZING 40 degrees, knowing that my friend Jane would just tsk-tsk at me and tell me I didn't know what cold was! (And you'd be right!)

    I just ask that anyone outside shoveling the white stuff be very careful. That kind of physical exertion can put a strain on your heart if you're not used to it!

    Keep Sparking!
    1861 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    The snow offers its own challenges.
    1861 days ago
  • AP17182
    Here in the south, they are completely unprepared for the snow and ice.
    1861 days ago
  • no profile photo APPLEGREENGIRL
    I live in Wisconsin. Well said :)
    1861 days ago
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