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Brain Chemicals...We Have More Control Than We "Think."

Monday, February 01, 2016

Right now our brains are performing about 400 billion tasks. It's a marvel that we can't begin to fully understand, but we know this: the thoughts we think produce electrochemical reactions. Ultimately, these produce emotions. That means the thoughts we think produce different chemical releases and result in how we feel. Just knowing that when I think happy thoughts, certain endorphins (happy chemicals) are released, and when I feel angry or sad other types of chemicals are released, lets me know that I am not a puppet being pulled by the strings of my emotions. I am a puppet master. I can stop at any given moment, rethink myself, and the little pharmacist inside my head has to dispense different chemicals to my body. I'm in charge of me! (for the most part). Just believing that helps me so much. I am not my feelings. I am who I choose to be. I can get out of bed and to the gym if I put those thoughts to work for me. I can be happy even when my circumstances aren't so bright. I have been experimenting with this idea and realize that no matter what, I can improve my emotional well being and therefore my physical well being simply by stopping to reprogram the chemical release in my brain.

Today I choose to move. To pray. To work hard and be productive. To be kind to myself and others. When I feel sad I will allow that feeling to pass through me. Then I'll place an order for some happy chemicals by thinking happy thoughts. Thanks for letting me share and hope you have a stellar day!

Here's what my weekend looked like.

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