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An Uncluttered Woman

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I receive 3 daily devotional messages each day via e-mail My favorite is from Girl Friends in God. This morning's message really spoke to my soul.

Here is an excerpt:

Several years ago while my family and I were at an amusement park, in an effort to gain favor in the eyes of my kids and earn imaginary super mom points I enthusiastically got on a ride that spins in circles. My hero-husband always goes on this type of ride with our children, so I thought, “If Brad can do it, then I can do it, right?”

Not. So. Much.

I walked up the ramp to the wretched “Wheel of Whirl” naively optimistic and walked down the ramp having made a great big fool of myself. The park employee had to stop the ride to let me off. Bad decision. Yucky feelings followed. Instead of becoming super mom I became super sick mom. My center of balance and emotions were completely thrown off leaving my poor family with the disenchanted consequences of my twirling ambitions.

Just like that day in the amusement park, I constantly find myself thrown off balance from the wheeling whirl of life clutter.


Simply put: I complicate my life.

If we’re being honest, then I’d have to confess that I am one of my own biggest obstacles to living as an uncluttered woman. I know that I should depend solely on God for direction and strength, but the simple fact is I often don’t. Most of us would admit that this is the case. Right?

It’s hard to sift through all that is thrown at us each day. Clutter happens and navigating this silly-dizzy world is difficult. There are ten bazillion things that vie for our attention and clutter our faith: emotions, materialism, negative thinking, overbooked schedules, doubts, legalism, laziness, self-reliance, our past pains and failures, technology, work, our desire to control things, finances, debt, stress, addictions, discontentment and relationships. And I’m just getting started!

The Bible instructs us to direct our silly-dizzy days toward God.

I know that in my heart I want to fully rely on God ( I am a FROG woman). But there are so many things that I have going on, and when I do take a moment to STOP! emoticon , I realize that I need to prioritize. I have so many things that I want to do for me, but I still have other things like hubby, children and grandchildren that need me also.

One of my Spark buddies- IAMLOSINGIT, gave me an amazing tool. Just four questions to ask myself every morning.

I call them my FAB FOUR
1. What is the most important thing I want to achieve today
Prep veggies and healthy snacks to take to hospital for Ashley
2.What do I want to accomplish this week.
This week I want to finish my goals for the 8 week challenge that starts on the 28tj.
3. What is most important to me today?
It is important i remain on plan, no mindless eating.
4. What Can I do to remain calm? I can shower, get dressed, make a beauty shop appointment, get some exercise and BREATHE!

I do have a lot going on, but if I pick the low hanging fruit and make those my priorities, I can keep my Monkey brain from spinning out of control.
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