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Friday, March 25, 2016

I've stuffed eight days of clothes and toiletries into a carry-on bag - I'll be rumpled but at least everything will fit in the car! We will head out early in the morning for our soccer kid's first college tour. 11 campuses, 7 cities, 8 days. A different hotel each night, and a couple of hours of physiotherapy for her post-surgery knee each day in addition to campus tour(s).

We were up until nearly 3 am for the kid to finish her homework and studying, and then she and I both passed out after dinner. I guess that's going to pass for today's mother-daughter bonding. It's been a long week!

Now to pack some fresh fruit, bottled water, and snacks for the first part of the road trip. And all the paraphernalia for the kid's exercises. Staying home is starting to look attractive!
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