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I Lost 200 Pounds This Morning!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Well, folks, that's it! Finally, after far too many months of waiting, 200 lbs. I did not need are gone from my life, courtesy of our county Common Pleas court. Nothing against that 200 lbs. or so of Mr. Wrong-for-me, but I'm glad it's over. I realize that for some, divorce is not a pleasant topic, and I watch enough daytime court TV to know that sometimes, the drama is downright heartbreaking, but in my case, it was a heart-freeing, long-awaited final decree of judgment. Without being too personal here, my divorce was about as un-hostile as one can get, nothing worthy of Judge Toler's reality show. We both wanted it and knew it was best, but as finances and due process would have it, it took a very long time to settle it and get that judge to sign on the dotted line, simply because we did not involve attorneys and had to figure it all out for ourselves. Since I live in Ohio, where the case would be handled, and the ex-now-a-why? (a mutual feeling, I'm sure) has been living in Missouri since 2013, it really fell on me to comb through pages upon pages of the Ohio Revised Code and try to decipher the legalese and complete piles upon piles of forms. We had no property or children to squabble over, no money between us, and no arguments or even he-said/she-said conundrums, yet it was a long and difficult ordeal to get to this point. Today, I literally jumped for joy when I walked out of the courtroom with those papers in hand, simply because it is finally finished. (When I tried to text that to my bestie, my auto-correct said "I actually humped for joy." At what point did auto-correct become so...pervy? lol) I am single at 45, and I couldn't be happier to be an old maid, because it's a hurdle everyone involved needed to get past. Nobody sued for or wanted to bother with spousal support, but the peace of mind and relief we both have is alimony enough! We can move onward and forward and put a nuptial no-no behind us, having learned from it all.

As my daughter and I were talking about this today, my wise-beyond-her-years kiddo said, "Mom, it's kinda like our diet. You made a mistake that just got worse over time, and it took a long time to clean it up, but it's worth it. You're free of it now." She could not be more right. It took me many months to get beyond a marriage that should not have happened. It took me many years to build a 329-lb. body, and it has taken almost two and a half years for me to remedy that problem. I wanted to reach my goal of 155 lbs. by April 1, but I know I will likely not do that now, thanks to my Easter indiscretions and a lot of stress eating today and yesterday, but the thing is, it IS worth the wait - or the weight - to keep trying, keep persisting, and keep getting back on the wagon. I wanted to be divorced in 2013, but today, March 28, 2016, that has become a reality. I want to be 155 lbs., and soon, someday in 2016, that will become a reality too, even if it is not by April Fool's Day like I hoped.

Some things we want in life can be accomplished in a day, but the bigger things - the things that have taken root in us - take some time to clean up and clear out. No matter where you are on your weight loss or any journey, please keep plowing forward. There will be setbacks. There will be red tape. There will be stresses and interruptions and fall-downs (not failures!) and plateaus - like the 4,800-calorie chocolate rabbit that now lives in our house, tempting us both (oops!). There will be roadblocks and frustrations and temptations to quit. In the end, though, if you stick with it through all these, you will have your final decree of judgment on the scale, and you will feel great to let go of whatever weight has been holding you back!
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