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New Intentions

Monday, April 18, 2016

Today's Spark Coach Activity is to reset goals. I have been reading other's blogs and had an idea burning in my head. Today, when I read the Spark Activity, it was like AHA- now is the time.

Last week was a pretty good week for me. I lost a little weight and ramped up my exercise. And I survived! I am still doing physical therapy. My hips are finally aligned and now they added chair marching to my list, I had my second therapeutic massage, I am keeping massages in my tool box. If found a new source of energy and that is not fighting through the pain. She found all those little trigger points that come with Fibromyalgia, and worked most of them out. So Wednesdays will become a standing appointment. Way better than drugs for sure!

I have a total of 150 lbs to lose, so my first long term goal is to lose 50#. I have a weight loss thermometer, showing the 50 goal, with 5 # increments. So far the thermometer shows I have made 7 lbs progress. ( Of course the Sparks ticker gives me credit for the lose of 2 lbs over and over- not exactly a reason to celebrate the same weight ).

One of my Sparklers has been using stones as a visual emoticon I have some marbles and clear crystals that were left over from a DIY Lazy Susan project. I will find a lovely "crystal" vase and put one marble in it for every pound I lose. That would be a good visual for me, and a nice decoration for my "Sanctuary". I love it when others have such great idea and don't mind me copying them.

For every 10 pounds, I will add a clear crystal, and buy a new plant for my patio. I will also buy a plant for every week that I remain smoke free.

This is a picture from today showing that I could do some major improvements to the patio!

I got the patio dining set for $30 on Craigslist. Now I need to find a stand for the grill. Last week I planted geraniums in one planter. I am just three pounds away from being able to add a hibiscus to the other planter by the door. I want to put down a rug to anchor the dining area, but one step at a time.

emoticon Being smoke free has been a challenge - I set aside 173 days last month . I lost my streak, but still have my 173 days. I resumed smoking. It is a struggle. Today I will slap on the patches again and hopefully the cravings won't be as touch this time. Having a visual of a patio that I can sit outside, smell the flowers and listen to the birds is a great motivator.
Now if I can convince my life partner that nagging me is a stressor emoticon . I know he thinks he is helping, but he is NOT!

Today I should get the dining room chairs. Then the next thing will be a trip to Home Depot for paint chips and samples to slap on the walls. I like clean lines and haven't decided if I want to add valances to the windows. Again, one step at a time emoticon

Yesterday I exercised in the pool for an hour in the morning. Got in the equivalent of 6,560 steps and all my stretching for the day! Today is a day of rest, and PT.

We live in an over 55, active retirement community. The pool is my favorite part! Because it is an outdoor pool, I am adding sun glasses, a hat and sunscreen to my swimming bag. Although I do think brown fat looks better than white fat- LOL. Swimming classes are Wed, and Fri, and I try to get at least 2 more one hour sessions in each week. emoticon I warm up be walking back and forth for 15 minutes, then do some aerobic jumping jacks, etc, then stretching. My feet never quit moving. When I get out I am pleasantly exhausted. Then a quick snack or lunch and onward with the rest of my day.

What is the one thing I want to get accomplished today? To get my dining room table and chairs in place.

What do I want to accomplish this week?
Stay on program. Eat less Move More!
Post at least a 2# weight loss on Wednesday- My OFFICIAL weigh in day.
Clean floors - I only have 1200 sf so it might take a couple of days- breaking it into Zones: Livingroom/Dining Room, Kitchen,Halls and Bathrooms, Bedroom, Office and Sanctuary.
Clean pantry and make an inventory.

What is the one thing that is important to me today? Working on de-cluttering my Sanctuary. Some people call it an office, others a "Crap room- but I call it my little piece of the world.

What can I do to always remain calm? Find a quiet spot and pray!



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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my goodness! So glad I found this--I do a weekly Reflections/Goals blog entry, and I'm going to definitely add a couple of questions that you have (you don't mind me stealing, do you?): What do I want to accomplish this week? What is the one thing that is important to me this week?

    I think I should probably eventually look at asking myself that question every day though: What is important to me today? What do I want to accomplish this week?

    1825 days ago
  • SHARON10002
    You have a nice clean slate to work on with your patio! Good idea of the thermometer and the crystals in the vase! Your blueprint is a good one, and I know this next time will be easier with giving up smoking. emoticon M y dream house has a backyard pool to exercise in, and to play with the grandchildren in! emoticon
    1826 days ago
  • AURA18
    I get distracted from tracking, although when I "bite and write" I get results...Namaste
    1826 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12068097
    What fun your going to have with such a nice area to think about, how you want to decorate your piece of the outdoors .Marigal 's. ideas sound great.

    I find it always helps to have a project to concentrate on .... helps me not to think about food and snacking.

    Best to you.
    1826 days ago
    Wow! You have so many assets working for you. I know it's one thing to know this, but quite another to use them all to your benefit and, yes, best intentions! I believe in you. emoticon
    1827 days ago
    Love your ideas to reward and visual your progress.
    1827 days ago
    The stones idea is great! It's good to have some sort of visual if that helps you! Sounds like you have a lot of things to look forward to and are doing really well with your exercise/activity! Woohoo for that :) You will get the no-smoking thing done too, I know we all have faith in you!
    1827 days ago
    You have sooo much going on! Good for you! Lots of great exercise and goals to improve your life and living area! So important!
    I hope you have a great week...good luck on the smoking issue...one day at a time!
    1827 days ago
    emoticon I emoticon your reward system and I am envious of your pool. How wonderful to have it so close by.

    I am wishing you the emoticon
    1827 days ago
    I like the rewards you've chosen to motivate yourself--buying plants, sitting outside listening to the birds, using visuals. You have a lot of projects going, and I think you must really be looking forward to seeing the results of your work on your house and your work on your health! I'm doing the exact same thing--making improvements to both my home and body!
    1827 days ago
    That sounds great! You really have it all together! emoticon
    1827 days ago
  • UNIQUE55
    You are absolutely on your way... GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!
    1827 days ago
    I love your ideas of rewards. Keep fighting the good fight. You are doing emoticon
    1827 days ago
    Wonderful! You will make those goals slowly but surely. Love your patio.
    1827 days ago
    Great goals & motivations!! You are making GREAT progress..so keep it up!
    I love your ideas of keeping track of things! It seems to be working!
    Thanks for sharing! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1827 days ago
    Love your visual aide. I actually consider that aide when my son left for college to remind me how many days until he got back but never did it. It is a cool aide!
    1827 days ago
    I'm sure you can do it and having excess to a pool will really help you lose the weight. emoticon emoticon
    1827 days ago
    Hi Sunny! ;o) You have a big space to work with on your patio. Find an indoor/outdoor colorful rug to put under your dining set. That will start the whole decorating process because you created a focal point. The colors on your area rug should also be in the flowers you choose to plant. I am always suggesting, butting my nose into everyone's business. Just can't help it sometimes. I visualize a seating area with a coffee table and large terra cotta pots of flowers and greenery. You can do so much with all that space. Have fun my friend…hugs, fredie
    1827 days ago
  • MSHEL7
    I'm so glad you have set up such good goals. Love the rewards too. Your thermometer sounds neat, I have the marbles and enjoy that too, when I am losing and not gaining! Good luck with your journey
    1827 days ago
    Massage therapy has really helped me with my trigger points from Fibro. I also recently started going to a chiropractor as well. I was really skeptical, but I am presently surprised at the progress in my upper back, shoulders and neck!

    I wish I had a pool to get into on a regular basis, as that is definitely a great was to get movement back - I did pool PT after my last knee replacement. It was great.

    I hope you have a great Monday!
    1827 days ago
    Way to go! Great system!
    1827 days ago
    Those massages sound great! I like the marbles and crystals idea. It's good to find fun ways to motivate ourselves!
    1827 days ago
    Sounds like you have some great plans and great motivation.

    Quitting smoking is really tough, great job on those 173 day! My husband quit on January 11, he is using the Nicorette Mist. He has done the medications, patches, vaping, there isn't anything he hasn't tried. I am really proud of him, I know it's a super huge struggle.

    You can do it! One step at a time.

    Huggles my Spark friend!!
    1827 days ago
    You have some many things going and I applaud your initiative and drive. You gave some great weight loss visuals as well. I love the thermometer idea but my WL is not a fluid downward pattern. I wish you much success.
    1827 days ago
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