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SOOOOOOO close I can see it

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

So I am only one pound away from Onederland. You know the all illusive place that I get so close too but for some reason my body seems to fight me. I am almost there. I have been almost there now for two and a half months. Within 5 pounds but for some reason I have not been able to end the plateau. Not sure if I will be able to do it but I am going to try to end the cycle in April. I am determined before my doctors appointment in 2 weeks to be under 200 pounds. I want to go into the doctors office at my one year mark and show at least a 42 pound lose for the year. I was hoping for 52 pounds but I did take off for a few months when my Dad got sick so I will have to settle for 42 pounds gone. It would be nice if I could lose more in the next two weeks before my appointment on the 10th, I do have 14 days.

I am almost half way to my goal as well. My goal was to lose 95 pounds. Right now I am only 6 pounds away from the half way mark so that will be my May goal to hit the half way mark so that by May 2017 I will have reach my goal weight. What a blessing that would be to finally not only be skinny but be healthy and be able to keep up with my kids.

I am happy to say that my husband started working out yesterday as well. This is a big change for him. He has a very difficult job and works a lot of hours. His doctor has told him numerous times he needed to lose weight and get in shape that his health was declining. He is finally doing something about it, which makes me happy. So now I can say everyone is on board with getting healthy and in shape. My kids, husband and myself. This journey will be a lot easier with everyone trying to accomplish the same thing.
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