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Mothers Day reflections

Friday, May 06, 2016

When my children were small I thought I can't wait until they get older it will be so much easier as a mom. Boy was I wrong. I have found that as a Mom I am more challenged now than ever. I miss the days of messy handprints, potty training, sloppy kisses, fruit snacks and juice boxes.

Now I find myself in the teen and preteen years with my children. I often find myself being the mediator to fights over who sits where and what place to eat at and over the silliest things but somehow leads to the largest fights known to man. Just the other night I found myself in Subway being stared at while my children argued over which table to sit. All because each picked a different table and each said they got to their table first and no one would back down in the middle of the restaurant, an epic battle of wills. As embarrassing as it was, I would not skip this age because then I might miss something and I don't want to miss anything. Soon enough they will be going to prom, getting married, having children, buying houses and moving away. Though this weeks homework challenges have been indeed a challenge with my son and let us not forget my daughters school project that was not finished until the night before it was due and broke on way to school this week. I feel more like a Mom this week than I have in a long time. Maybe because things have not turned out perfect. Maybe if they turn out perfect you don't know you are a mom you are unscathed. Maybe as a Mom you have to be a little frazzeled like this week to earn your stripes. You have to have a few homework assignments that do not go as planned, have a few "Mommy overbooked us to do two things at once because she is juggling an overbooked calendar and forgot to write something down" moments. I thinks Moms these days no longer look perfect with an apron and the perfect hair. I think they are messy, I think they work all day long and work all night long trying to be the perfect Mom and often forget to look after themselves. I think Mom's make their children there center and somehow revolve all of the things they have to get done around the children. Mom's have taken on a different face through the years. We don't have time to iron much anymore, often if wash and wear, hoping the dryer can take out the wrinkles. Though I may be a little wrinkled, and often have a confused did I miss something look on my face I am happy to be Connor and Payton's Mom.

Happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow Spark Mom Friends! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and spend time with the important ladies in your life that influenced you the most!

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