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Day 152 of my VLCD Journey!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

So I am still working on this planning thing now that work has settled. Haven't blogged in 2 weeks but I have been enjoying me new freedom of not being at work! The new freedom also led to some bad food choices.
I know some of it was related to the fact that I was off of my depression medication for almost 3 weeks. I was working so much that I would forget to take them, and then when I would get home I would be so tired I wouldn't take them. My depression and weight loss go hand in hand because I would turn to food as a comfort because it was something that I could always rely and count on. Food didn't disappoint me. But I have now been taking it right at bed, and I have set an alarm on my phone so I remember to take them. I am feeling better and I am feeling like I am worth it again. Depression is a scary thing to deal with, that I know I will battle it forever, and as scary as that is, I know that being on my medication makes it manageable.
I am back to working out at the gym on a regular basis too! I wouldn't go in the morning because of the long hours I was working. I didn't realize how much I missed the gym until I went back. I am still getting back into my routine of what to do at the gym. I was battling an ankle injury last week that has now gotten better so I am able to push again at the gym. I made up some index cards for my strength training days. Each card is a different group of muscles to work. I will focus on a muscle group as well as cardio everyday.
I am being more active outside too. With walking my dog when I get home from work and I got my bike out of storage so I can go for a bike ride. I am hoping to ride my bike to and from work once a week as well.
Little changes in activity makes such a difference in how I feel. I like watching tv. I know it isn't a great thing to sit for hours and watch tv. Especially me because I associated watching tv with eating. That is one of the factors that played into me reaching 366 pounds. Now I watch tv, but I have my bottle of water with me so I don't want to eat something bad. I also started to do crunches during commercials. Since I watch a lot on my DVR I do 15 crunches each commercial before I can fast forward thru the rest. I would have never done that in the past, I would use a commercial break to go check the cupboards and the fridge for food.
Today I get to spend the day with my niece Jennie. We went to the zoo this morning and walked that for an hour. It is a free zoo that is really great for walking. Our trip was cut a little short because of the weather. It started raining so we had to come home. But we had lunch and now she is resting while I do my blog. I am so grateful to be able to be more active with my nieces.
I have my check up tomorrow with my doctor and some labs tomorrow. Hoping for a good report!!!
Have a great day! Keep pushing and keep fighting!!!
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