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July's Goals

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Now that I am one month into my Summer and my fat has not mysteriously melted away yet I think I will have to mix some things up to jump start my weight loss. As of this morning I am having shoulder pain because I think I over did it the other day with hand weights so I think I will try some new workouts this month. I think this month will be the month of mixing things up a bit. I have also gotten into the habit of not preplanning my meals because of having such a busy schedule. I do okay but I will go back to planning my meals in advance like I use too. Sadly I do get bored easily with the same boring lunch routine so I am going to have to plan for something a little more exciting and low in sodium. I am also going to try and cut down on my dairy this month as well. So it will take a little more effort but I am going to do it. I also want to go back to reducing my processed food intake and cutting down on eating out. With such busy schedules we have gotten into the habit of eating out more and more again so I am going to have to go back to crock pot cooking.

So my goals
1- Reduce processed food intake
2- Cut down on Eating out
3- Preplan meals
4- Mix up my Workouts
5- Add more strength training but not overwork just one area (such as upperbody) concentrate on core and lower body as well
6- Reduce dairy intake and take supplements
7- Drink my water
8- ALWAYS stay in the calorie range

I know it seems like the same stuff everyone else posts but it is easier to live by if I post it and print it. I want to make sure that July is a month of Loss for me the a month of the same weight.
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