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PART 1 : MY UNUSUAL and WEIRD~~[my family thinks so!] ~~SECRETS to CONTINUOUS WEIGHT LOSS~

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hi Everyone! ~Warning this has ALOT OF INFO that is HELPFUL but IT IS A HUGE BLOG!~
I am writing a TWO PART Blog due to time constraints {hosting a birthday party @ my house TOMORROW} .Why am I even WRITING a Blog when I should be cleaning and baking the cake? I LIKE HELPING and I write a weekly blog when participating in the Challenges and do not want to disappoint my readers! emoticon
I participated in two SEASONAL 5% Challenges so far~Spring 2016 and Summer 2016~.
LOST 4.4 LBS. on the Spring Challenge and will do about the same or less on the Summer
THIS Summer Challenge has shown me results of LOSING WEIGHT VERY WEEK,so,I thought I would write some tips that helped me and may be of help to you. Note: You probably KNOW or DO most of them ,if not all, so this may just VALIDATE WHAT YOU'RE ALREADY DOING!

WHY? Believe me, when I want a 1/2 CUP of ice cream, I take my ONE CUP BOWL {that has an glass indentation already in it for a HALF CUP } and JAM,JAM,JAM the ice cream into that half cup and THAT IS UNRELIABLE.
If you have liquids,measure the EMPTY BOWL,then weigh it with the contents and subtract.
Why GRAMS?? Grams are MOST RELIABLE IN MY BOOK as there it is in weight ~the food WITHOUT THE packaging or anything else.
I know most weight loss systems do this ,too.
NOTE; THE FOOD SCALE is on the table NEXT to my place setting with a pen and a teaspoon .Also note : My FAMILY IS USED TO my doing this and it has made us have gales of laughter at how ridiculous it is for me to have to WEIGH EVERYTHING on this scale .
BUT ,WE DO NOT LAUGH AT THE RESULTS!~5 # the FIRST month,5# the next mo.,and up to 19 # now. 1 more POUND and I will BE IN THE NORMAL BMI RANGE!

2~WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. You will NOT remember it. I cannot always get to the computer after I have had a meal so, I actually keep a clean napkin on the food scale{it always registers 0 and I make sure EVERY TIME!] I WRITE the food weight & what it was to put into the Nutrition Tracker later that day or the next at the very latest.

3~DO NOT make POOR food Choices for more than 1-2 days per week. When I bake the emoticon emoticon emoticon{my downfall!~see my story on my page and you'll know why!} or eat the emoticon {difficult since I am BAKING the cake AND HOSTING the birthday party tomorrow {my DS's}, I have to cut the slice MYSELF and I have to HIDE the CHIPS {that my DH likes to occasionally buy} in the cupboard = OUT OF SIGHT ,OUT OF MIND ,so I WON"T GO out of my mind wanting to eat them!!! IT WORKS for me!!!

4~Develop the DRINKING AT LEAST 8 glasses of water ~in TEA or just plain water ~LIVING THE GOOD LIFE HABIT ,but DO IT !!!{ I made this INTO A HABIT when I was on the SPirited Underdawgs for the SPRING CHALLENGE { DAWGS won ~Yay!~BUT ALL THE TEAMS DID A GREAT JOB!!} and I have 70 DAY STREAK GOING!!! AND I drink all the way to bed up til 12am { I am a night owl that is trying to reform!}. THE WATER DOES wash out the TOXINS in your body and get rid of the last meal. I DO use TEA and even WENDY'S HONEST GREEN TEA ~ 36 oz.~130 calories ~ to help my get my intake on especially HOT DAYS of summer or when I am having many HOT FLASHES during the day or working out in the garden!

I love fruits so this is EASY for me ~at Breakfast ,I put a fruit cut up on my cereal or oatmeal {eat the oatmeal DAILY and maybe YOUR cholesterol will go DOWN 77 pts. like MINE did~I have been in a NORMAL RANGE for my cholesterol ever since}. BLUEBERRIES are the BEST choice as they fight free radicals in your body that attack the immune system { I read phyto nutrient books like The DOCTORS BOOK OF FOOD REMEDIES by Selene Yeager and the editors of Prevention magazine}.
Eat a fruit with your lunch and /or veggies. I am making myself get used to eating carrot sticks {or baby carrots~pre done } with the lunch meals plus THEY DO improve your eyesight ~Betacarotene ~in the carrots.
Make yourself eat TWO HELPINGS of FREGGIES with your dinner.Fills you up faster,but watch STARCHES! My DS likes to eat sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes AT THE SAME MEAL and I have had to offer other choices ~summer squash is now one of his favorites .
Getting my FIBER in with Freggies 25-35 grams {there it is again!} a day is pretty easy doing this.

6~ Do not SKIMP on Protein~Making SURE I get enough Protein ~at least 60 grams a day {sometimes you will see on my tracker{I SHARE my Nutrition and Fitness info with you from my page}, I did not get enough Protein. I have a hard time with that . I LOVE Protein~especially DAIRY ! ~,but I do not THINK about it much til the END of the day{Note: we ALWAYS TRY to have PROTEIN in our DINNER every day},and then I am scrambling to get something.

7~Remember I have a FOOD SCALE? Well, I still have a teaspoon {used to be a tablespoon} at my place setting specifically for measuring. I now use it mainly to measure my salad dressing { I haven't learned to substitute it yet with Greek yogurt or something healthier}. Most salad dressing is at the BOTTOM OF THE BOWL when you are done,so I use the teaspoon and measure it out ~usually 1~that would be .33 of a tablespoon of dressing for my salad~I usually go with Newman's Raspberry and Walnut Dressing~cals are LOW~so 1/3 the cals is VERY LOW on my Spinach or Green salad.

8~LIMITING MY SWEETS/SNACKS~ I DO have them! But I have had to learn to PORTION THEM ,too! And sometimes, I WILL do without them ~usually not on purpose! I once realized ~this last challenge ,being on the CASUAL TRAVELERS TEAM {GO,TRavelers!} ,that I had been A WHOLE WEEK WITHOUT ICE CREAM and YES, the scale went down slowly ~THAT IT WHY I HAVE A TURTLE ICON ~SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE!~{as it keeps doing!~which is FINE with me~it is GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!}
What are my sweets? ~Some are healthy~ Cocoa Almonds 100 cal pack by EMERALD~get my choc.craving out of the way and get in PROTEIN {however minimal ,every bit counts!}
Using fruits as snacks~FAVES ~nectarines ~very sweet;peaches;cherries; Granny Smith apples ~tart;
Great Value Indulge Trail Mix ~but not much more than 10 -14 grams~too much of a good thing, you know!
KIND Flaxseed mixes ~I buy them @ Kroger~ Cinnamon , Vanilla Blueberry or Peanut Butter ~again only 10 -14 grams or SOMETIMES a bowl~210 cals.
I am trying to CHANGE my SNACK ITEMS from processed to natural CLEAN EATING~,but in itself,it is a PROCESS ~PUN intended!!! And PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME. If you KNOW you are going to a Little League game or some event and will get hungry {at least an hour or more} PACK YOUR SNACKS ! ~3 lil CUTIES ~tangerines ~helped me get through the season and not break the calorie bank!

9~ WORKING OUT Every day ~OK~REST on SUNDAY !~ Why did I wait til #9 to talk about this??? I GOT THIS! Exercise is VERY ,VERY EASY FOR ME! I can DO THIS! But the FOOD is HOW I LOSE and have LOST the weight. When I had a personal trainer @ a gym for 4x/wk., I lost very little wt.due to my poor food choices. Once I addressed those choices, I ,at that time,could only afford 1/wk after our child was born,so I did Yoga and Gravity machine with my trainer and LOST THE WEIGHT much more EASILY DUE TO MY FOOD CHOICES!!!!
Working out no longer means to me ~just the TREADMILL or my Soloflex machine. It means landscaping the whole front yard by myself!,scrubbing the tub in the bathroom, dusting all the furniture in the living room,re- organizing a room by moving furniture,climbing UP and DOWN STAIRS because your refrigerator BROKE during the Spring Challenge{TRUE STORY ~SPR.2016~SEE BLOGS SPRING CHALLENGE} or doing 9 CONTINUOUS LOADS OF LAUNDRY @ the Laundromat b/c your WASHING MACHINE BROKE during the SUmmer Challenge{TRUE STORY~SUMMER 2016~NO JOKE ~WE do NOT buy from Sears ANY MORE!!!!!} .
10. WORK OUT HARDER~ I would go swimming for at least an hour or work in my garden for 3 hours or lift weights for 30 min. or walk on our property for 30 min. but still STAY IN CALORIC RANGE ,if I could!!! Also~CALORIES BURNED CALCULATOR helped me immensely! ~It is a website where you SPECIFICALLY put in your ht/wt/ gender/ and age to determine EXACTLY HOW MANY CALS YOUR body is burning!

Let me know if you have questions on any of this . I am NOT A DOCTOR. So, check with your doctor first on my info ,if you wish.
THANK YOU TO ANY FRIENDS,MEMBERS WHO GOT THIS FAR AND READ THE WHOLE BLOG!!! You CAN AND WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT b/c you GOT THIS!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
I will need to write about eating ~making your cals WORK FOR YOU in the next blog!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Awesome blog!!! Thanks for all the info! emoticon
    1499 days ago
    She is spot on with the blueberries, I learned that from my brain surgeon when I had an extremely large brain tumor removed. The surgeon told me and my Husband that blueberries is a powerful berry and it is considered a brain boosting food. He instructed my husband to feed them to me everyday, when fresh wasn't available 2 buy the frozen ones that they are just as good.

    all of this is excellent information. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1500 days ago
    WOW!! Lots of great info. I love blueberries every day. emoticon
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Have a great time at the party. emoticon emoticon
    1500 days ago
    Great blog! I am so glad those habits you developed are holding you steady! HUGS!
    1500 days ago
    I think most of us do the same things. It works.
    1500 days ago
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