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Review of Health O Meter Weight & Body Fat Monitoring Scale Model BFM081DQ1-63 from Walmart, and com

Sunday, August 21, 2016

I think the new scale is worth the money! I could have paid about $20 or more just for a simple scale. I got it at my local Walmart store for $39.84 before taxes. It was pretty easy to set up and figure out even for me, someone not always so techie. I stepped on and off it several times to see if it would keep giving me the same reading, or at least similar, and not something way off, and it did. And it was showing pretty close to what I weighed the last time I used our Wii too. This morning I told my boyfriend that I was going to purchase a scale from Walmart, and maybe even buy a new Wii from GameStop. As before he was telling me that he thought the hard drive was going out on our Wii unit. But this morning he said he thought I just needed a new Wii Fit Plus game disc, as he and his son after cleaning some of the disc with a machine to remove scratches got some of our other games to work again. So we decided we had nothing to lose trying it on the Wii Fit Plus disc too! Otherwise I could pay about $5 to GameStop to get a used disc to try, but I would lose all the history I have in the game since 2010 or so when we got it and I first started to use it way before I joined MFP. So we did and got it working again too, so now I have the scale and the Wii again.

On the bottom part of the scale there is four buttons labeled 1-4, one for each of the four user ids, for the four members that it will store tracking info in its memory. It will record up to six records, and after that older ones will get replaced with newer records. Guest or you can use it without pushing a user id but then it will not record the info. And even if you push your user id before weighing yourself you have a choice to save that info to your user id memory or not. So you can just take a quick measurement just like a normal scale without going through all the set up stuff. And can have more than four people use it without messing up the personal records for the four profile id members. There is a "Tap On" option for not saving or using a profile id, where you tap on the lower right corner of the scale and wait for the "0.o" and step on. Or the option of "Instant On" just step onto the scale. Your weight will continue to display for a few seconds and then it will turn off automatically.

I have my user id set up for a female that is 5’ 4”, and 56 yrs old. (There is also another option for male/female athletes that are very fit and who dedicate 12 hours or more per week to intense physical activity such as swimming, biking, or running. But that selection is not for individuals that just recently started making a commitment to intense physical exercise per the instructions). And since I have back slid and have put most or all of my weight back on that I lost in 2013, and have slacked off everything except walking and house work basically, I didn't choose that option.

So since I have my user id programmed, I push number 1 for my user and the screen shows a profile icon and my Number: 1, my height, my age and gender setting. It will flash “step off” and then “Step On” when it is ready for you to step on. You are supposed to step on with your feet, legs and thighs a part and bare foot so it can give you a good reading, you are not supposed to bend your knees either, you are supposed to try to stand tall and still. If you want the body fat to be accurate you have to be barefoot. The body fat function is not recommended for use by pregnant women, persons with a fever, swollen legs or other edemas, as well as a person who is over hydrated or dehydrated. The scale is also not recommended for persons with an electric implant (heart pacemaker). Body fat percentages may be slightly higher or lower for children under 16, persons with diabetes and other health conditions. And it states that women naturally store approximately 5 % more body fat than a man.

When it is done weighing you, the first screen you will see will be your Icon number, your weight and your body fat. (I got 170.8 LBS and 43.0% body fat, I already know I should only weigh around 130 lbs or so. I had no idea what my body fat was, but figured it would be high again. And according to their little table my body fat is really high).

Then you step off the scale and it will quickly flash four more screens at you. I wish these went a little slower to make it easier for me to write that info down, as it doesn’t seem to keep the info from the last four screens in your records. Just your id info and then the first screen with your weight and body fat seem to be stored that I can find. You know as I am reading the instructions now I see that the picture for screen 2-5 shows an option to save, just like screen one did after I weighted myself. Maybe if I had pushed save on those screens that info might have been saved too and not just my weight and body fat? To save a record you hit the "Select" button at the top of the scale.

After your first screen with your weight and body fat, the second screen shows “Water %” It shows the body hydration ranges shown as a percentage of your body weight. It helps you to see how well your body is hydrated, and there is a little table in the instruction to tell you how to interpret that reading. (my reading was 41.6%, and supposedly should be at 45% to 47% per the table, but I got up and showered and went to the store without eating or drinking anything, and didn’t eat or drink before weighing myself either. Also it states that people with high body fat like myself will have less total body water, and will be more susceptible to fluid imbalances that cause dehydration).

The third screen shows your BMI. Mine showed 29.1, which is in the high range per the table for it in the instructions too.

Screen four is your Bone LB for your bone mass and Muscle for Muscle Mass, and measures the weight of the bone or amount of mineralized tissue in the bone in our body. (I got 4.8 on this one. There was a lot of info on bone mass in the instructions but nothing to let me know if my score was good or bad, or what). The Muscle Shows Muscle Mass and shows your body’s skeletal muscle in pounds. Your skeletal muscle is your body’s metabolic engine that helps you burn more calories while at rest. There for the more skeletal muscle you have the faster you will burn calories. It doesn’t show you what is good or bad, it tells you to consult your doctor to determine what is appropriate for your body. I got 54.6 LBS.

Screen five shows your calories for your daily caloric intake (DCI) feature. If you have not set a goal weight, then your DCI number will represent the number of calories required to maintain your current weight.

If you have set a goal weight, the DCI number will represent the suggested calories (500 calories per day which represent 3,500 calories per week, equivalent to 1 LB) needed to increase or decrease your weight. The scale will also show the approximate length of time to achieve your goal. (I set a goal of 160, because I remembered the last time I weighed myself on our Wii I was about 170 pounds and I had no idea how much I had put on or lost since not weighing myself lately. It showed my calories intake should be 1664 to get me down to 160 lbs in eleven weeks. And I liked the idea of setting small goals instead of one huge goal to get back down to 130 or so.

There is an option to reset an individual user’s history data to delete their records and the profile. There is also an option to change a user’s height and goal weight. And you can completely reset the scale and erase all history for all the users including user profiles and saved records.

After playing with the scale and getting the Wii fixed I weighed myself with the Wii too and I got a weight of 169.3 LBS, which was a 0.7 lbs loss from the last time I used the Wii, and a BMI of 28.91.

So the scale has me at 0.19 higher BMI than our Wii. And 1.5 lbs more too. Not a huge difference. And I did have some water before I weighed myself on the Wii too, and it was some time after weighing on the scale too.
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