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Sugar Crash

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I have had the same problem for years - every time I say I am going to diet or change my eating or do anything that INDICATES that I'm going to try to lose weight - a very needy, jealous family member does something to sabotage my efforts. There is no need in it - the family member weighs less and is thinner than me - and always has been. However, they are so damn scared that I will someday actually be successful - they make sure to offer me every sugar under the sun - knowing I have a very hard time turning down sugar. My weakness.

Well, this week, the same thing happened. Only, I have changed. I didn't think I really had changed yet. However, I just FELT a sugar crash. I don't care for it. I've never actually noticed how bad it is before.

Since I have a lot of digestive health problems this year and have been to the ER over feeling like I couldn't breathe - a condition triggered by acid reflux and pressure to my windpipe - I am trying really hard to fix that.

So, while I still suck at dieting for weight loss and turning down sweets, I do know I can't handle the feeling of being crushed by acid reflux.

I'm doing a gut health diet and I know that the healing benefits to my autoimmune problems make it worth doing. I think this is the reason that I actually FELT the sugar crash today.

I was sitting beside some sweets that I just couldn't turn down. I could've but I still suck at having willpower. So, I ate them. But, I actually felt the sugar crash. It sucks. I know the calories were not worth it. I know that I am over my calories for today and I just pushed my goals farther away.

I know I WANT to meet my goals. I WANT to lose weight. I WANT to be healthier. I WANT to turn down sugar. I think this will help me say no in the future.
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