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Saturday, September 24, 2016

I've had a rough week since coming back from my work trip. I've been getting up late, not having much energy, and been pretty lazy. One of my trouble spots in the past is that I do really well with a regular schedule of good eating and exercise, then I go on work travel or vacation, then don't get back into a routine. I've been like that this week.

But, I'm still maintaining my weight. I am eating well, at least. I just haven't exactly got back into my routine. However, I'm leaving Wednesday for a vacation, so it's not too bad. I don't know if it's jet lag, change in seasons or both, but I am exhausted and unmotivated.

One of the things I've been struggling with this week is temptations. I don't know if it was being faced with donuts, breads, and pasta at the conference, but this week I've been missing my old staples like rice and potatoes. I've made a number of my signature dishes this week with subs like cauliflower rice, but I've been looking at it with heavy sighs. A number of recipes that look absolutely fabulous I skip because they contain things that I'm avoiding right now. Chicken and rice, beef and potatoes... {heavy sigh}.

What's keeping me on track is that I love how my clothes fit. I love waking up in the morning and I can see changes in my body. My tummy continues to flatten. I can see an hourglass instead of a blocky pear blob. My shorts are too loose - I need a new pair. Shirts that were too tight are loose and comfy.

My exercise is still low to moderate. Just walking or a leisurely bike ride (which I will do after I finish writing this). I really love HIIT - there is just something really energizing about it. There is a type of "high" that I get from it that is really addicting. However, I feel that low to moderate exercise is better for me right now. I get really consistent fat loss results without too many highs or lows.

While I am getting urges for rice and potatoes, I am staying the course. I've got a winning formula right now. I'm still losing weight, and I just don't want to tamper with it. Once I am back to my maintenance goals, I plan to test my tolerances to foods that I am avoiding. Maybe I'll eat a cup of rice or potatoes on my high intensity cardio days.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Tiring, but, sounds like you're doing really well.
    1579 days ago
    So can you do the chicken and rice with the cauliflower rice, or does that not hit the spot? Also was wondering if sweet potatoes are OK or not? Either way, you're doing great, the clothes fitting the way you like (or even too loosely) is such a great reward for all the work you've been doing! emoticon
    1579 days ago
    I think is something in the air. Walking is very nice. Biking gives a freedom feeling. I like strength training because makes me feel strong. Make half a cup your serving of rice or potatoes. It will be enough. Try the Japanese sweet potatoes
    1579 days ago
    Whoa, I hear you! I have experienced the same thing - after being successful, I crave to play with temptation. What is that?!! I bet Coach Dean would have a clue. He's so great at understanding what makes us tick. I really admire you for finding your winning combination. Awesome!
    1580 days ago
    My traveling is messing with my routine, especially my sleep routine. I believe exhaustion is the enemy of well-being. My blood sugars are creeping up, I'm up 2 pounds and it is disheartening. I will be redoubling my efforts when I return home on Tuesday. Going back to Arkins Induction for 2 weeks with IF. My routine will still not be "normal" because I'm bringing a house guest with me. My mom will be visiting until October 11. I will do my level best to hold on until then.
    1580 days ago
    I hate how we're often at the mercy of circumstances. The exhaustion is very likely driving the "quick fix" cravings, but getting to the bottom of what's driving the exhaustion is tricky. Hope you figure it out before your vacation. Do you think all the socializing at the conference depleted your batteries? I'm a Type A Introvert, and even a single day of overexposure sends my energy levels to the basement for a couple of days.
    1580 days ago
    I have been living through the same kind of rough week that you have, and I'm afraid that I have given in to some of my temptations. These last 2 weeks have been difficult with my DIL's mother having a heart attack and then later passing away - at only 58! On one hand it makes me think how important it is for me to take better care of myself and my health, on the other hand it is just so darn depressing that I can barely make myself take my walks with Daisy.

    I got up late this morning and had pretty much convinced myself that we wouldn't walk - but then she looked so sad, and after about 30 minutes and a cup of coffee I thought 'this is nuts, I need to get back to my routine'. So I got dressed and off we went for probably the best walk we've had in 2 weeks. So today I am recommitting myself to my healthy eating and exercise program - 2 weeks is long enough for me to feel like I've been feeling.

    Enjoy your vacation next week!
    1580 days ago
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