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So upset, hard to let go

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Sorry to vent but I have been struggling this week. My son has been in cub scouts/ boy scouts for now 7 years. My husband took him on a camping trip with the troop last weekend and when my husband left to go to the bathroom the scout masters son started punching my son in the face. My son is a few years younger than him and did not know why it happened. We discover later that a girl at school, who has a brother in scouts told her brothers my son hit her. When I ask my son about it he said that between bells the halls get congested and he bumped into her. So the 2 brothers meet with some other scouts and planned to beat my son up. Then we find out the Grandfather (one of the leaders in the troop) knew about the plans and told the boys not to do it but did not tell anyone else, follow up, go on the trip or advise us there was even an issue. So my son who is all of 13, who has never been in a fight in his life gets blind sided at camp. Then the Grandfather has the balls to tell my husband well don't let your son quit the troop for this it will make him look weak. WHAT? Why would I keep him in a troop that the leader's son attacks people, other boys conspire and plan an attack, one of the leaders knows of the impending attack and does nothing and then last week at the scout meeting, when I went to help put up chairs and clean someone went in my pocketbook and stole all of the cash out of it. UGHHH! These events happened on Saturday but the more I think about it the madder I get. My son who I teach to believe in the good in people now wants to take fighting lessons. My son does not want to be a victim of violence again. And this happened in boy scouts. I am sooo upset I do not know what to do. Part of me wants to file criminal charges against the boys but do I really want to ruin their records. While those boys become eagle scouts my son has now quit. I was a den leader in cub scouts for 4 years and now my son is so against scouts there is no coming back. So these boys will get scholarships and great opportunities for becoming eagle scouts in a few years while my son quit because of their actions. As a Mom I want to go punch some kids and parents for touching my child. I go to church and am a christian and know I should forgive and move one but this week I am REALLY struggling with this issue.
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    If you have not yet reported this, you need to do so immediately to the BSA. I was committee chair for several years and a leader as well. There is no tolerance for this and the leader who knew about this can be voted out no problem from this troop. The boys need to be reported as well and written up in scout files for this incident. You will kick yourself later for not doing more about this, act now, stand up for yourself and your child.

    For the money part, where are your meetings held? Are there cameras? Maybe you can ask to see the videos if there are. To see who was in your purse.
    1705 days ago

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    If a Scout is bullied because of race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, or disability, and local help is not working to solve the problem, contact the BSA’s Member Care Contact Center at 972-580-2489, or send an email to youth.protection@scouting.org .
    Link to the Volunteer Incident Report Form:
    Your Responsibility
    Stop the policy violation or abuse.
    Protect the youth.
    Separate alleged victim from alleged perpetrator.
    Summon needed assistance (911, EMS, additional leaders, etc.).
    Notify parents.
    Notify the appropriate Scouting professional.
    Chartered Organization Responsibility
    The head of the chartered organization or chartered organization representative and their committee chair must approve the registration of the unit’s adult leaders.

    I found all the above information here:


    1753 days ago

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    Go to his school and tell them the situation even though it happened off campus they can look into it if some go to his school. Do like I did go to the school parish website and I printed the bullying and sexual harassment protocol. I am sure the scouts have some too. Don't let this go! It needs to be addressed. The boys that hit him and the parents that knew about it should be kicked out!!!! This is bull!!!!

    Don't let this bring you down. If you pray, pray about it. I wish I lived closer to you because I would go assist with the issues.

    Btw your son is the same age as mine.
    1753 days ago

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    Follow up with your boy scout council, not the troop. Every troop reports to a district executive at the council level (that's there title here in Chicago). I am sorry this happened to you. I have 2 Eagle Scouts and did the whole route with them (I enjoyed it as much as they did). I'm going to check with my scout pals and will get back to you. Is there another troop in your area? If so, perhaps he could join them. You have a right to be mad.
    1753 days ago
    Hope everything works out for you! emoticon
    1754 days ago
  • ZORO22
    You should follow up with scouts even if you decide not to actually press charges legally. Although that might be warranted too. Who cares about their records? The reason the are adult bullies is because kid bullies get away with it. Good luck.
    1754 days ago
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