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Weight loss through a construction zone

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Planning a weight loss journey is a relatively easy process. You pick your destination, maybe get a few supplies like healthy groceries or work out clothes, and you are off! Like the beginning of any journey, there is so much excitement to start the trip and you can't wait to get there! You know how long it will take if you stick to your plan. You know the things you need to do to get there. Math tells us that we will lose x amount per week if we burn y amount of calories and consume no more than z amount of calories. Piece of cake. You can get there in a few (weeks, months) if you don't have too far to go. Then Murphy comes for a visit. Instead of being able to burn y amount of calories this week, you burned far less because your body blew a tire because of a bad knee joint. That's okay, you make some repairs and adjustments and travel on. Then you get an emergency call, can you stop on your way to celebrate a loved ones birthday with lots of good food? Of course you can. It will just delay your trip for a day or two. Then you get stuck in a traffic jam. You aren't really sure what's going on up ahead, but right now you aren't making any progress. After a bit, you start to move slowly towards your destination. It has added more time to your trip though. Ahh, now you are on a break away, everything is moving and you are so happy to be heading in the right direction again. Like a lot of journeys, we hit road bumps on the way. Some delay us, some stall us to the point that we just have to pull of the road and cry. Hopefully, though, we are able to reach our destination if we keep a good attitude and don't kill the GPS. Sometimes we have to go slow and baby our vehicles because they have a lot of miles. As long as they are just dented and scraped a little, you can probably make it if you treat it well. Occasionally we have take a long and unexpected detour. Sometimes detours can be good if you learn things along the way. You just need to know how badly you want to get there. The trip may take longer than planned, excitement most likely will dwindle at times. Sometimes you come across something amazing that you would have missed if your trip had gone as planned. However you get there, just remember to enjoy the ride! emoticon
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