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Nov. 28th. New beginnings and Bagles

Monday, November 28, 2016

I did it! I officially adopted Ringo yesterday.

Ringo is about 8 years old, with rescues, it is difficult to ascertain a certain age. He is a cross between a basset hound and a beagle, or a Bagle. We spent the day getting acquainted. He had bonded to his foster Dad, so parting was a little stressful for him, I distracted him with some treats, and then we got into the car and went to Petsmart for doggie essentials. I haven't had a dog for seven years, so needless to say, I had nothing!

His foster Dad brought him with a tennis ball, an unstuffed squirrel, and a nice lead. Ringo jumped into the car and loves to ride. I added a travel harness to the the list, I don't want him crashing through the windshield in the event of a sudden stop.

He walks well on the lead, we got dog food ( wow has that gotten expensive!), a box of Milk Bones ( he is a real foodie) and a new tennis ball. As we were checking out, he helped himself to a nice big biscuit. When I told him to drop it, he did. I was impressed with that.

The cashier gave him a milk bone, that took 2 chomps and disappeared. When we got to the car I unwrapped the biscuit he had chosen. Needless to say, I know what this boy's motivation will be. Being a hound, his nose is superactive and he picks up whatever is laying on the ground. But a drop it command is enough for him to let go. Then he just moves on, sure glad he doesn't carry a grudge! LOL

We went for a walk throughout the apartment grounds. He doesn't like sprinklers, but was very interested in the other dogs. We met one- well in the best possible dog introduction. They sniffed each others butts. LOL. I get the feeling that he is used to a desert environment, as he doesn't seem to appreciate green grass. He likes to stay on the side walk. The lizards which are fair game for most dogs, didn't seem to phase him.

After the short walk, we played with the BALL. He fetches and brings it back and drops it at my feet. Good boy! After dinner, I settled into my recliner, and he jumped onto the couch. I had placed a blanket over one end of the couch and he was perfectly content to jump up there and take a little snooze. Then he woke up, found the ball and totally annihilated it. Then looked at me like- help! I gave him the new ball, and it wasn't 20 minutes and it was in pieces also. I gave him the Nylabone, and he wasn't interested in that either. So today, we are going to go to a sports store and get some real tennis balls.

He surprised me this morning. I got up at 5 am to do the morning bladder break. I peeked into the living room and he wasn't sleeping on the couch. I looked down and there he was. Wagging his tail and wanting his morning pet. That was a little disconcerting. I have a very small bathroom and he was all but in my lap. I love that he wants to be close, I just have to get used to it.

Now that I have taken him out, got my coffee and am doing my regular morning routine, he is snoozing on the couch again. I am cooking my breakfast and he gets up and watches the stove like it is going to come forth with some delicious goodies. Guess I will have to be careful, right now he is about the right weight. But when that sad little face just gazes at me watching E-V-E-R-Y bite I take, it is hard not to share with him.

It is a little cool here today, so when the sun comes up and it gets warmer we are going for a nice long stroll.

Tomorrow I go to Mesa for the post surgery followup. I am expecting a good report and a lifting of the restrictions on physical activity. Ringo is going with me, but I will need to a doggy day care while I am in the Dr. office. I just talked to them and I think he will be fine for a few hours. OMG it is like having children!

So this is a new week, new beginnings and new challenges. I have an attitude of gratitude for everything that is happening .

HUGS to you all!

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