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Day 13: A Great Workout

Monday, November 28, 2016

After the long holiday weekend, I really didn't want to get up early today. I had told myself all weekend that I was going to get back to the gym on Monday. I hit the snooze button once and reminded myself that this was going to be the only chance I had today to workout. My evening was already planned. I pryed myself out of bed.

I have a routine in the mornings when I wake up early. I start with meditating for 15 minutes. It's easier to get out of bed when the first thing you get to do is just sit with a quiet mind for a bit. It's like the next best thing to sleeping. Then I have a coffee and put my hair in ponytail if I'm working out. Then I try to figure out an outfit.

I am so picky about what I feel comfortable working out in. If I don't feel like I look good, I have a very hard time staying focused. And the way I'm looking right now, it's a rare day when I'm feeling good.

Today was one of those rare days. I bought some new workout pants on Black Friday so I was wearing that, along with a comfortable shirt and a bright sports bra. I threw the rest of my stuff in my bag and I even remembered to grab my water bottle. I always get so annoyed with myself when I forget my water bottle.

So I get to the gym with a few minutes to spare. I found a perfect spot in the back of the class where I like it, and for once I wasn't surrounded by intimidating people. I like my gym because they one workout class multiple times a day, and it varies from day to day. So one day everyone does kickboxing, the next it's cardio heavy, the next is kettlebells and TRX straps. It's never the same thing. Today was going to be an especially tough one the instructor said. I wasn't intimidated, for once.

I gave that workout everything I had. I have been starting really strong most workouts but I have been getting terribly gassed out about halfway through. I can last a good 30 minutes, maybe 40. These workouts are hard core. This one was mostly kettlebells, mostly arms, lots and lot of burpees and push-ups. And I f*cking hate push-ups. But I did it all. I gave it my all. And I was tired but I didn't mentally give up, and even better I didn't mentally put myself down. Which is probably the first workout in a long time that that happened. I'm usually quite hard on myself.

I felt so good after that workout. I felt how I used to feel after a long run or a tough workout. It took me almost two weeks, but I finally saw that spark of how I used to feel and who I used to be. It was awesome!

I'm going back tomorrow to try to find her again.
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