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9" LOSS! (with measurements) - Core de Force wrap-up

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Oh my goodness, I lost 9" total in one 30 day round of Core de Force!!

I never share measurements or my weight - I'm not hiding anything, I just don't do that. However, I'm so thrilled with this program, I'm breaking that rule. Here are my totals:

3" of that were from my waist! WOW!! I could tell my clothes were fitting more loosely, but I had no idea it was that much. 9" in one month - through Christmas AND caring for my SO after his foot surgery!

I'm pretty proud of my determination and my results. Even better than the numbers, though, is how I feel. STRONGER. That was my #1 goal for this program, and I achieved it in spades.

A word about weight loss - first I'll say weight loss was not one of my goals. I was already in maintenance. However, I followed the included eating guide for the first week, just to see what it was like. (It follows a slightly different technique than Spark.)

I lost 6.6 lbs that first week. It kind of freaked me out the way it fell off without me being hungry. So if weight loss IS your goal, you CAN lose weight if you follow their plan (not talking rigid menus here). I adjusted back closer to what I was doing before, except that I did add protein and few more carbs to feed the workouts and additional muscle. I lost inches, but added muscle, and we all know muscle weighs more than fat! (This is why we shouldn't be slaves to our scales, but use them as one tool in our arsenals.)

What I liked about Core de Force:
*I like that it's only 30 days - the longer programs seem to get tedious and I end up losing interest and slogging through the last portions. You can do anything for 30 days!
*I like how they spend time explaining the modifications and showing the woman who does them. I can not safely do some of the moves they do, although I got better as I got stronger.
*I like how you can find a YouTube video with a slower breakdown of every single move they do, just in case you need more help with a certain move.
*I like how some of the routines have a "learn it" segment you can watch first, to ensure you're doing the routines as correctly and SAFELY as possible.
*IT WORKS. My core is stronger. My arms are stronger. My legs are stronger. My muscles all over are more defined. The strength is functional, as well; I can tell a difference when I do certain things around the house. It's not just weight training - which is also good, don't get me twisted, this is just more natural-movement-oriented, if that makes sense.

What I didn't like:
*In the second half of the program, you stack routines, so that many of your days include 63 minute workouts. That's a long time. To be fair, you can break them up and do the routines at separate times, and no routine is more than about 45 minutes, but I've said it before - I prefer to work out early in the morning and be finished before the rest of my day begins.
*No rest day. The 7th day has its own routine: Active Recovery (10 minutes of slowed down technique work, 10 minutes of slow stretching). I love this routine, but I've always read you should have a rest day. Nevertheless, I can see myself incorporating this into whatever workout regimen I'm doing at the time.

Would I do it again? I plan to take about a week to do some other workouts (I got a Bosu for Christmas and I'm dying to use it!!), but then I plan to start another round!

Note: Core de Force is a BeachBody program. If you have questions, I know an independent BB coach who can answer questions, give you guidance, and help you order what you need. (She is NOT into the hard sell, just wants to help others succeed.) Holler and I'll hook you up with her.
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