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2017- So It Begins

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Uh... 2017 hasn't started off that great for me so far. I woke up with what I thought was a bad headache, but as time wore on, I'm more convinced it is a migraine. I didn't party last night, so I'm not hungover. Hell, I didn't even make it awake 'til midnight. I was in bed by 11. I couldn't knock out this stupid migraine with anything- essential oils, a big ol' ibuprofen 800, an Excedrin, a cup of coffee, a bunch of water, a big fat nap. I give up for now. I'll just be in pain. On the plus side, that means this year can only start to improve from here, right? Start with pain and just get better from this point on. Hey, I'm trying to look at the positive!

I'm seriously working on improving my health for this coming year. I don't have any concrete workout plans yet, as I'm actually going to need to coordinate with that. See, my granny is feeling much better after her knee replacements and she goes to the gym I do. In fact, it's because she goes to that gym that I go to the same one. So, after talking to her about how frustrated I am with not being able to go thanks to not always having access to a car, and her knees being all awesome and bionic, she's said we can motivate each other and go the gym together. That would be awesome! She's thinking about taking a class she used to go to that's at 1 p.m. and that would be great for me cuz that would mean hitting the gym right as I get off work at 12:30. Hey, if the class looks awesome enough, maybe I'll take it, too. Either way, getting to hit the gym will be wonderful!

For Christmas I asked for, and received, a gym bag, so I can have it packed up and ready to go. I can either take it to work with me or leave it at home packed up (since I'd be dropping off my car anyway) and head out to the gym. I really like the gym bag, too. It has the features I asked my Secret Santa to look for: small-ish size, not pink, a section for wet or dirty items. It's cool and I'm excited to use it. Plus, I have two brand-new pairs of athletic shoes that I haven't even broken in yet. I also have wireless Bluetooth headphones that aren't earbuds to use to listen to music on my phone without the hassle or danger of wires getting in my way. I hate earbuds, so these were a cool find. They wrap around the back of my head. I bought a few new sports bras, too, as the ones I have are too small. That makes me super sad. I don't want to buy bigger clothes anymore. I'd rather be shrinking.

Louis believes my gym bag is for him.

I hope by the end of next week my asthma issues will be back under control so I can get to the gym without wheezing my way through a trudge on the treadmill. I've been struggling to breathe to varying degrees since just before Thanksgiving. Just before Christmas I got bronchitis, complete with a low-grade fever. I've been given a round of antibiotics and small round of a low dose of prednisone. I think the antibiotics are working just fine, but the prednisone didn't work out at all. I think I need a longer, larger dose. Perhaps the usual 5 or 7 days tapered dosing. So, I'll drop in to my immunologist Tuesday and have a chat about it. Hopefully, that'll get me back on track and breathing like a mostly-normal person.

So, that mostly covers the exercise. Of course, you can't outrun- or out trudge- a bad diet. I know exactly what I need to do. More vegetables, less fat, less refined carbs, lean protein... blah blah blah. Above all I need to TRACK. I hate tracking. HATE IT. And I seem to hate tracking it on the Spark People mobile app even more. But, I have a plan! I rarely get on the Spark People website anymore, but I can totally commit to getting on the site once a week or so. I will write down my meals in a journal, like a physical one made from paper. Just the basics- what and how much of it. Then, I'll transfer it all over on my website day. It might not help as much for a day-to-day snapshot, but there is still value in knowing what I've done wrong and right on a weekly basis. I already got a journal for this purpose at Michael's. I can't wait to use it!

Planner and a bunch of planner accessories!

I also want to cook more meals at home. I'd really like to plan out some on-the-go breakfasts that I can take to work with me. I'm thinking some simple homemade breakfast burritos, smoothie packs, breakfast sandwiches, and protein & fruit pancakes that I can jam in the freezer and thaw at work. Luckily we have a microwave there and I have a mini fridge in my office. I'd probably need some lunches, especially for gym days that I can take and eat at my desk. Those are easy, though. I can do anything from dinner leftovers to whatever my heart desires... usually salads. Man, I love salads! Both lunches and dinners are something I'd like to meal plan. I used to meal plan a lot when I lived in San Diego and then the first year or two when I moved back here. It was super helpful! It helped us stick to a budget, we knew what we were going to eat so it eliminated the "ugh, I dunno what to cook" laziness that I frequently fall victim to, it made sure we didn't waste ingredients or foods. I loved it, so I'll do again. Plus, my bro and SIL are totally on board. I'm choosing to just ignore my mom's bitching, although she can't eat solid food until March thanks to a major oral surgery she had after Thanksgiving, so it won't matter until at least then. My dad doesn't care what I cook, as long as he gets to eat it. So, meal planning will play a big role in my life from now on.

I've also been emailing, rather inconsistently and sporadically, a check-in accountability buddy, and I'll be sure to ramp up that bit of my journey. It does help me, especially when I'm more consistent, to have someone to bounce ideas off of and receive feedback, advice, and constructive criticism (when necessary). Especially because her journey is so similar to mine, she doesn't feel like she has to sugar coat or "be nice" about something. She gives it to me straight. And more than once she's said something I really needed to hear or pointed out something I couldn't see for myself. Bottom line: she rocks!

And finally, as part of a good healthy start to the new year, I'm also giving myself permission to say NO for a month. Since my birthday is at the beginning of January, that's my present to myself. I've been so busy with church activities and holiday stuff and work things outside of office hours, so I'm saying no to all that for a bit. I started to get a bit burned out there and definitely exhausted. I mean, who has bronchitis for 3 weeks? I haven't been able to properly rest! So, the women's ministry doesn't have any plans for January, woohoo! I have only 1 work obligation that occurs off-hours on January 14th, which is our annual golf tournament. I'll have to make breakfast burritos for that the night before and then spend that day working at it. That is it so far. I'll spend my time just resting and enjoying my life the way I choose to. I'm thinking of reading or doing something creative. I'll have to spend a little time cleaning my room and my house, as they are both pretty trashed, but that's okay. I'll have something to do for work immediately at the beginning of February, so that'll break my month-long NO sabbatical.

I was trying to keep the flame from going out! Candlelight Christmas Eve service. We baked cookies and served cocoa!

Anywho, I'm going to go back to nursing this migraine and finding a good salad to munch on! I hope you all had a great Christmas, Chanukah, and/or Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year!

Black really is slimming!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am with you this year...I reached a new high (in weight) in part because of the hopelessness I fall into every time I realize how evil our government is becoming. But I need to trust in Him and believe in myself. Better health for us as we face the sickness ahead.

    1515 days ago
    I seem to remember this birthday in January thing ... mine is rapidly coming up too. Your gym bag looks and sounds fun!! And I know what ya mean about tracking... I can go on and on about that!! But the once a week deal could work fine for me too - especially since I get the majority of my Spark points from tracking other stuff, reading articles etc. Ewwwww on the bronchitis and not breathing. I don't know if that's the same type of "not breathing easily" as the fall and spring congestion and sinus issues I get from tree allergies, but I have discovered that sage tea or even just capping up ground sage or using it in a lot of soup, broths etc really help cut out the congestion.

    Oh and you might want to check out the KETO team - they are endorsing a higher (healthy) fats ratio along with the low carb especially the refined carbs (veggies carbs are much better, especially veggies that grow above the ground, like salad veggies usually are...

    Hope you get to feeling better! It's been ages since I have had migraines.
    1516 days ago
    This year is going to be what we make it! And it is sounding like you have a pretty good game plan...all excuses aside....you can do this!
    1516 days ago
    Sorry to hear about your migraine. You have a positive outlook about the New Year! I am really trying to change my fitness and eating this year too.
    1516 days ago
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