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Sunday Weigh In

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Today was weigh in day. Down exactly 3 pounds from last week. Proud of myself for sticking with it, for having more green days then red days, and for incorporating more exercise/working out. I recently read somewhere that the comedian Jerry Seinfeld would keep a calendar and every day he wrote, He would give himself a green shading on the calendar. If he didn't write it was red. And motivated him to start writing everything all day, and I also helped him create his show. Not sure if the story is accurate, but I like the idea so I keep a calendar right next to my bed, and it's a great visual. If I get 10,000 plus steps daily and over 100 spark points daily, I get myself a green. If I didnt I get myself a red. So far it's good motivation I love the visual! Week Two Goal: watch the processed foods and overall carb intake Let's do this everyone! #makeithappen #gethe
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