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An end to stuckedness

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hi all!

Ok. I just want to warn you that this is a self absorbed rant...
and is an update to the "I'm stuck" blog I posted in December...

I hate my computer! It keeps eating my posts. I hope that this will come through and not get eaten up by the hilite and disappear glitch that they can't fix. I hate typing things over and over and over.

I am grateful for my spark teams! I want to acknowledge that you folks have helped me lose the 53 pounds I have lost in the last year and a half. Thanks guys! Although you don't know it you put up with my overscheduled and wacky life. Gave me glimpses into your own worlds and generally a different perspective on exercise and food. Those small inspirations somehow came at the times they were needed and prodded me in both the mind and butt.

Although I have been all but disabled since August 30, here I have found that I am not the most needy and that everyone has physical challenges. I have found inspiration to move when it was all I could do to raise my arms over my head one at a time. Physical therapy, building muscle was a little easier as I counted my minutes. Steps up and down to the laundry was a little easier knowing that they counted as stats toward a goal. Sometimes listing 8 flights of stairs or so on a challenge was like typing in an Olympic feat to me, and you all probably just looked and thought no big deal. That's 4 mins to go down and 6 to carefully go up. Oh, and I couldn't carry a half full laundry basket either way. Yep, it was just doing my laundry--in the basement. It took me forever to get the laundry done, but I got a reward when putting down the effort. Cardio is a challenge, but moving to tunes as a "dance" 5 minutes at a time has replaced 10k's and 10,000 steps and running on the treadmill at the gym.

Although your calorie counts are probably higher than mine, it's been a challenge for me to cook. You see, I took medication that scrambled my brain a couple years ago. All of my food came from restaurants partially because I couldn't remember how to heat up a hot dog. Since I didn't have much money after a forced retirement, Chef McDonald was my best buddy. Since my accident at my retirement job in August, I have spent my time watching videos and trying to cook foods that are good for me. Last week, for example, I learned to boil an egg and not have the yolk come out with an army green ring. Well, now it's not half the yolk, most of the time. (They say a watched pot never boils, and I can no longer stand long enough for it to come to a boil.) I'm moving away from everything fried on a bun & in a bag to something on a plate or bowl without pasta. Pasta was my go-to filler food. I don't have knife skills to crow about, but I eat one new dish or expand my cooking skills every week. Veggies and I are becoming friends again. Not just ketchup, mind you, but whole tomatoes, et al. Today I discovered freezer dump meal recipes. I can't afford freezer bags or a grocery run till the 15th, but I see crocking in my future.

Back to calories... I went to a weight loss clinic. It turned out that I am allergic to the HGC AND the vitamin shots. That Dr. recently gave me a goal of 600-800 calories a day. Since that tanked, my diabetic coach suggested rotating 800 calories and 1200 calories. 1/2 of those calories is to be protein and no grains or "big carb veggies." (Sounds like Paleo to me!) The big carb veggies are the garbanzo & red beans and corn peas & carrots that I was living out of cans on and calling it healthy. You see, I've been borderline diabetic for years. Now that I can't move much, my numbers are climbing. Others on my teams are fighting the same battle. So although I'm alone in my home, I know that others are having "issues" and not everyone is like the folks in the commercials that are dancing around with wonderful numbers in a phony, perfect looking world. The only way to get to these goals is fresh or select frozen veggies and plain meat. I couldn't afford the calories of cheesy sauces over pasta any more. I don't want to be the person who continues to eat what they always have and expecting better living through chemistry. (Isn't that the definition of insanity--doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?) My next adventure in cooking is a spiralizer. I do love pasta. Spaghetti squash move over, there's a new sauce holder in the house! (If only I'd quit steaming the zucchini before I get sauce cooked!)

Also in the future, the insurance company that has my work comp claim has finally decided to let me see a dr for my shoulders and knees. That's Monday. I'm praying for physical therapy that will put my mobility back to where it was. Or I'm gonna have to find $$ on my own. As I see it if I have to pay for a pt "trainer," it would be an offset for buying a riding lawnmower. I really like that zen feeling of pushing my mower around the yard, and I refuse to give that up. emoticon

Anyway, I want all of you who have been on any of the spark teams that I am involved in to know that I really appreciate all your help. Whether you know you gave it to me or not.

The good news, and I'm hoping I'm not saying this and then backsliding into stuckedness
I've been loosing weight again and appear to not be stuck any longer.

Again, thanks to each and every team member that reads this blog.
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