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I've Been SO Sick, Lately

Monday, March 06, 2017

Long story short: I've been running fevers, had several Upper Respiratory symptoms, dizziness, fatigue and some GI issues. I got the results back from my last tests/scans from Friday. I have Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis, another name is Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver. I have Syndrome X, a type of metabolic insulin resistance. While not diabetes can be a pre-cursor to diabetes. I also have a gallbladder full of stones!

I haven’t had any pain, like one would typically get with the gallbladder issues, so they’re assuming my temp has been spiking when I’m having a “flare-up”. Which would then explain my elevated inflammatory markers. And so on and so on. My temps have been ranging from 99.0-102.9 for the past few weeks.

As for the liver thing, well, in and of itself, the only way to “cure”, or reverse, it is to lose weight. But the Syndrome X makes it difficult to lose weight, and/or if I do, it doesn’t stay off. Between this and the liver diagnoses, my body isn’t taking carbs and converting them to energy. It’s storing it all as fat; which is what your body does with any “excess” carbs you consume that you don’t use for energy. It’s kind of a weird cyclical thing.

With all of that being said, I will most likely be referred to a GI doctor for the gallbladder issue and a specialized dietician for the liver/SX diagnosis.

I am slowly getting over Influenza B…but am feeling a bit better. Talking makes me cough up not only a lung but every other organ that might follow suit. In other words, it’s pretty harsh. I’m still running fevers…flu, gallbladder, combo?? The dizziness only seems to be evident when my temp gets over a certain point. I’m glad I’ve been tracking all of this for the past 6 weeks! Lying down to sleep is pointless, as I only begin coughing. So while rest is needed and coveted, it’s not really happening. I did get some codeine cough syrup, so hopefully that will allow me to rest some.

They took me off the anti-depressant because it wasn't really helping, and could have been causing some of the symptoms I was having - come to find out it wasn't, but why take something when it's not helping?

I go back to my PCP tomorrow, Tuesday, at 1:30 for a follow up on all of this and a couple of referrals.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Your body is going through so much right now. I had to have my gallbladder removed in 2015 as the small stones kept on escaping. The period of time before I knew what was wrong with me was so trying. I did not know why I was in pain from time to time with fever or feeling nauseated or generally unwell. I did not have the same issues as you but know how tiring digestive issues can be. Definitely rest when you can. Hoping you will find the best way to take care of yourself through all of this!
    1086 days ago
    I am wishing you a speedy recovery. All that sounds very overwhelming. I was diagnosed with fatty liver years ago. I have not been very successful losing weight. I got down about 30 lbs but am stuck here. Hopefully we can keep encouraging each other. Sending good wishes your way! chrsi
    1086 days ago
    Thanks, yes. I'm actually see a dietician that specializes in GI issues like mine and diabetes...But, i'll definitely look that up! Thanks for the healing thoughts!

    1086 days ago
    Have you researched low carb way of eating? Look at Diet Doctor.com and fatty liver/ metabolic resistance. Sending healthy thoughts your way to feeling better
    1086 days ago
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